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Back-Up Sound and Mp3 player

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Back-Up Sound and Mp3 player
Hi, I'm ready to buy an Mp3 for the following puposes:
-to back up sound at weddings and other events
-for personal use

I want 60GB at least. The Mp3 player needs to have a large storage capacity and a mic-in hole in order to record the vows etc at the church.

-Is there any particular lapel microphone that would go with the particular model(s) you would suggest?

-Where is the best place you've come across when it comes to buying Mp3 players?
-Looking for something around 400Euro (roughly 500 dollars)
-Are there any drawbacks you have ever experienced using an Mp3 player as a back-up device?
-Is iRiver the best there is or are there new and better models out there?

Would appreciate the feedback. Thanks.
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Re: [dansen] Back-Up Sound and Mp3 player In reply to
Are you looking to record uncompressed audio. I see 60GB as way more than you need. Look into DAT recorders. Some come with timecode capability.
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Re: [UberHomer] Back-Up Sound and Mp3 player In reply to
60 gig? I have a 512 meg recorder that will record CD quality audio for 8 hours straight, and will record better than that if I so choose. And they have a 1 gig model that will record double that.

What are your uses going to be for it?


PD-170, Dual athlon 2200+, 1gig ram,, Vegas, Combustion, Photoshop, dual monitor (ashamed of the video card, so I won't mention it), Samson wireless, and a couple of one-chippers (sony) just for the heck of it. - And an IRIVER
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Re: [dansen] Back-Up Sound and Mp3 player In reply to
There are definitely better recorders out there than the IRIvers (Which aren't being made anymore as well). The IRivers were just a good cheap way for those here to use to record backup audio.

A lot depends if you want a multi track flsah recorder, If you do the Edirol R-4 is a good choice, but will run you about $900.

For new removable Flash card or SD media you won't beat:
M-Audio Microtrack removable Flash card recorder
Edirol R-09 removable SD card recorder

I personally own the Mirotrack and have the R-09 on order. Both will run you $399 a piece, and can record MP3 or WAV format.
The microtrack has a alot of great features and offers great sound quality, but has a few short commings, which is why I am going to try the Edirol R-09, which seems to be getting great fedback.

The Microtrack offers balanced 1/4 TRS inputs, pretty decent preamps, and an unbalanced 1/8 mic input, with no built in mic, Mic or Line in settings are accessible in the menu, adjustable recording levels while recording (both L/R sperately).
The R-09 offers external (unbalanced. Not a concern to me as I do shots cable runs) 1/8 mic or line in inputs, very good pre amps, built in stereo mic with decent low noise floor, cheaper ($) SD media, external mono/stereo switch, agc switch, great and easy to read screen with quick reacting level meters, REMOVABLE (2AA) BATTERIES for long record times (about 6-8 hours with current tests), adjustable recording levels while recording (not L/R though)

Both would be good additions and definitely better than the IRivers for sound quality, performance, and features like removable media.

I would recommend taking a look at B&H or (Soundprofessionals.com for microtrack and accessories) to order.


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Back-Up Sound and Mp3 player