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file size
I'm trying to figure out the deal with file sizes. I'm using Photoshop to take images from my Canon 20D camera in JPG format. After editing them I save them back out in full quality. However, the size of the files significantly increase sometimes from 2 - 3 mb to 4 - 6 mb! I don't want to loose quality but I shouldn't be getting a file size increase. At one time I didn't have this problem so I've got to either be doing something different that I'm not aware of or a setting has changed. I'm sure it's a setting as I'm using a new laptop that I loaded it on in place of an old laptop that I once was using where I had apparently had fixed the problem or did something different.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks... Gary
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Re: [garycox] file size In reply to
Compression is a funny thing. I think JPG takes samples of surrounding pixels. You can basically make a bigger file out of an existing by sampling more info than is actually needed to re-produce the image. The busier the image, the larger a JPG compression will be.

What I would probably do is try a couple of test compressions. One at 12 (maximum), one at 10, one at 8, and so forth, and then go in and compare them up close. You may find that there really isn't much difference untill you REALLY blow them up well beyond what is visible to the human eye.