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removing edges
Hello All,

I am trying to make the edges of a pix in 7.0 to look like it was burned in a fire. I tried eraser, brush tool but nothing seems to work. Can anyone explain and is there a website to download brushes? Thanks.
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Re: [ara] removing edges In reply to
You can just erase the outer edges and then use the inner glow effect of the layer styles. choose black or a dark brow for the glow color and select the buttin to make it a gradient.

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Re: [Kenneth] removing edges In reply to
you'll find pulling burned-edged google images to be the most realistic way. If ya look at my facebook profile frm my website, it's how I created those edges. I just slected them, copied em, paisted em in my work then treated as need to work em in. You find many edges that are helpful on scrap booking element sites too.