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e-mailing actions
I've created a bunch of actions and want to share some with my friend. I figured I could e-mail her the action but can't figure out how to get it from my action menu into a file that I can e-mail.

Anyone know how to do this? My google searches haven't turned up what I need.

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Re: [Shadow] e-mailing actions In reply to
actions are saved in a directory on your hard drive, usually in the presets folder I think...they are .atn files. Do a search on your computer in the directory where Photoshop is saved and look for .atn files. That should pull them up for you.


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Re: [Postal Boy] e-mailing actions In reply to
Thanks Postal.
I found a few there, the others must be stored in there somewhere. I'll do a search.

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Re: [Shadow] e-mailing actions In reply to
you figure it out? the actions are stored in the presets>>action folder

if your custom actions are not there, you have to save them.

open up photoshop, go into your actions tab. select the folder where your actions are located, select the little triangle on the far right, which loads up a drop down menu. go to where it says save actions. select a destination. it will create a .acn file

you should be good to go after that.
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Re: [sal] e-mailing actions In reply to
Hi Sal, I hadn't figured it out - I'll try your suggestions though, thanks a bunch!