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13 episode deal
A distributor bit at 13 episodes of Disbeliever today. My agent attached an up and coming latino comedian, Alex Ortiz to the show. He'll be the "disbeliever", if you will. Paranormal investigator, Chris Fischer will remain the head investigator.
Overhead and percentages will eat me up pretty good this time around but nothing handicaps a show pitch like answering "no" to the "do you have a series on the air today?" question that always pops up at some point during a pitch. I'm counting on this propelling Moddin' Art in this way. They also picked up The Beatle Bob and Grinner Show as a one off. It won't be a series but it'll be nice to get it out there for the same reasons I mentioned above. I have a show called Beyond Backstage that can benefit from this publicity well and I could see myself having a lot of fun mixing the concept of Beyond Backstage with the way I shot the Beatle Bob documentary and going on tour with prominant bands for various road diaries.
The Hillstrand Bros. will begin pitching The Time Bandit Boyz as a series after crab season but all the other shows I have in pitching stages will be put on a back burner while Disbeliever is in production.
It's been more than 20 years since I pitched my first show to a network. This is the first 13 episode deal I've signed. Dream-chasing aint about dream-catchin'. It's about the chase.
Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, but never give up.


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Re: [grinner] 13 episode deal In reply to
Good luck.

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Re: [grinner] 13 episode deal In reply to
I have 4 pitches out there too. All you can do is keep trying. Good luck with your shows.

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