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The Significance of Video

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The Significance of Video
This may be a philosophical question....

What do you think about the advantages of video over other media contents, such as text and photography?
I've been wondering about this for long time. I'm not trying to come up with the next YouTube kind of ideas since I'm no computer programmer, but I've been wondering about why video is not as widely utilized as text and photograph.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of video which came to my mind.

<< Advantages >>

---Effective way to entertain people (visually, or by telling a story).
---Perhaps the best method to make people "feel" something (texture, atmosphere or mood of the subject).
---For internet use, a video only needs a very small portion of the page space.
---By using internet video services like YouTube and vimeo, a video can be reached to the unexpected audience.
---Text, Photograph and Audio, they can be all in one.

<< Disadvantages >>

---Hard to produce a video. (Takes more time and money.)
---Too vulnerable to the progress of technology, format-wise. (SD to HD to 3D to 4K to what's next?) Text and photograph don't have that kind of radical technology issues.
---Cannot be used for physical use. (Video can only be displayed on monitor screen, such as TV, computer screen, mobile device.)
---It's hard to find arbitrary information quickly.
---Unless he/she clicks the "Play" button, a video is useless. Even if they press the button, will they sit through all the way?
---Not search friendly, google/yahoo search engines cannot crawl the inside of a video for information.

Am I thinking too seriously??Tongue

vimeo | YouTube | My Blog | "Feel the atmosphere of Okinawa, visually."
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Re: [Nori Kude] The Significance of Video In reply to
Not getting much response so far, I see.

"There is no worse concentration of aholes in one profession than wedding videographers." - photog -

"For weddings people want a rose tinted record of what it really was and this is much easier with stills so I can't see video ever being in the driving seat here." - photog -

"I personally can't stand the video dslr set ups these days ... way too much - too static and just in everyone's way - mine, priest, and guests. The whole issue of them not having auto focus - makes it necessary for them to do rehearsal shots - and that takes up so much time." - photog -

"A photograph helps you remember an event in the manner you want to remember the event.
Video makes you remember an event how it actually happened... good or bad." - photog -
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Re: [Brackish] The Significance of Video In reply to
I should've expected this...

It was like someone asking "Who am I?" or "What is a human being?"

That's what philosophy is...but.

It was so stupid of me to start this thread... now 'm very ashamed.
It's gotta be because of beer, nothing elseTongue

vimeo | YouTube | My Blog | "Feel the atmosphere of Okinawa, visually."
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The Significance of Video