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Viral Film Project
Greetings, filmmakers. I'm Sara with Viral Film Project, a short film competition that challenges both the creative talents of filmmakers as well as their ability to gain viral exposure for their work. Competitors are kept in the dark until registration has ended (Sept. 8) at which point they are given the full details of the competition and have just two weeks to produce and promote their film. Grand prize is $5,000, opportunity to work with major clients, and viral fame Cool. Open to anyone 16+ with a passion for film and video. Hope you'll participate and join the challenge! Visit www.viralfilmproject.com or http://on.fb.me/oQVSZl for details or updates on the contest. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Re: [SaraMoore] Viral Film Project In reply to
FOUR DAYS REMAINING TO REGISTER!! For 75% off the registration fee, use code FOM5011 - viralfilmproject.com. Send me an email if you have questions or need help registering sara (at) viral film project . com
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Re: [SaraMoore] Viral Film Project In reply to
A lot of the Members here only hang out in the Members Only Forum; they wouldn't see your post in this Forum. Just to let you know.

"There is no worse concentration of aholes in one profession than wedding videographers." - photog -

"For weddings people want a rose tinted record of what it really was and this is much easier with stills so I can't see video ever being in the driving seat here." - photog -

"I personally can't stand the video dslr set ups these days ... way too much - too static and just in everyone's way - mine, priest, and guests. The whole issue of them not having auto focus - makes it necessary for them to do rehearsal shots - and that takes up so much time." - photog -

"A photograph helps you remember an event in the manner you want to remember the event.
Video makes you remember an event how it actually happened... good or bad." - photog -
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Re: [Brackish] Viral Film Project In reply to
:-) Thanks for the info