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m2t and Vegas
Hey guys,
Since I never had to edit any HD content I never got to learn the inner workings of handling the footage. This past weekend I rented a V1U and shot some footage of my little daughter. Now I connected my friend's small Canon HV20 to move the footage to Vegas 7 and looks like it's trying to create 1 m2t file (unless Vegas splits the file in the end). ???

How do you handle it in terms of getting individual clips? Do I have to convert to avi or does higher version of Vegas handle it better?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Xray: Apr 4, 2012, 11:09 PM
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Re: [Xray] m2t and Vegas In reply to
I editing those m2t files right now in Vegas Movie Studio 10 with no problems. Vegas Movie Studio 10 costs about $30 and is a pretty solid performer. I"m just now preparing a new i7 quad core computer which actually allows me to see the clips in real time. My old computer could edit them just fine, but could not play back without stuttering and reducing the quality a lot. Even so the edits worked and the final product was good

Give me a call if I can help.

401 253 2800

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Re: [hlanden] m2t and Vegas In reply to
Hey Hal,
Thanks for sharing the info. I followed your advice and after switching over to Vegas 10 I don't see any issue. The files are separated and everything seems to be working fine.

Once again... big thanks!

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Re: [Xray] m2t and Vegas In reply to
Awesome video..
Seems like it touches the sky...