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Help me raise funds for cancer research

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Help me raise funds for cancer research
I know this should go in the Off Topic forum but I want to make sure the most people see the post as possible.

Some of you know that recently 2 close family members on my wife's side were diagnosed with cancer. There is very little cancer history in the family so it really caught us all off guard. Our sister-in-law down in Ft. Lauderdale has Liver cancer and has finished the treatments and is awaiting a risky surgery to remove part of her liver. She seems to be doing ok best we can tell. My wife's dad told us all on Christmas day he had cancer....3 kinds. He has a cancer in his throat, Lymphoma and some other cancer we don't know the name of that affects his bowels. He has just finished his first round of treatment and we are hoping for good reports. It all just blindsided us this last year.

Anyway, I can't do much more than help support family members when they need it and pray for them all. I wanted to do something to show them I was doing my part so I have signed up for the Scenic Shore 150 ride in July. It's a 2 day 150 mile bicycle ride up along Lake Michigan. It benefits the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society so it is appropriate with my father-in-law fighting Lymphoma right now. I've taken up biking the last year for fitness and wanted a cause to ride for and this one was perfect. My goal is to raise $1000 or more for the blood cancers research. I've already surpassed my first milestone of the $300 minimum to raise and am pushing for the $1000 mark. Their goal is to get 1000 riders raising $1000. That will raise 1 million dollars total.

I've started training already and have logged over 330 miles so far this year (actually since March). I have lots more training to do getting ready for 2 days of 75 miles each. Whenever I get tired I just remember why I am riding and it gets me through. I found a website called Endomondo.com that I have registered on that lets me track my training via the GPS on my smartphone. Anyone can go to the site and actually watch progress of members as they ride and run via GPS tracking. You can see distances, speeds and all kinds of fun information. I will be using Endomondo to track the training rides and maybe a few runs. I have it setup to post to my Twitter account when I start and when I finish. If you wanted to follow the training just follow me on Twitter @frogvideo. Once you see me start a ride you can actually see where I'm at on a map and how far I have gone.

Here is a link to my fundraising page where you can read more about the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society and a little more about why I am doing it. Feel free to check it out and if you want to donate to help cure cancer it will be appreciated. I will be sweating and working on your behalf to help find a cure for the cancers that have affected not just my family this year but so many families everywhere. Any donation is appreciated no matter how small. It all adds up and help.


Thanks everyone and I promise not to post continuously about this....that's what facebook and twitter are for. Laugh

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Help me raise funds for cancer research