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Professional Video Producer: How To Start a Successful Home-Based Business Producing Corporate Videos

Start part-time or full-time in this lucrative and satisfying work. Earn the respect of small businesses, corporations and non-profits who rely on your expertise. This is an amazing adventure and the best way to pay for video equipment!

Video History – Biography Business Kit

Learn to produce High-End Video Biographies And Charge Up To $15,000 Each. This is a sweet, no pressure business. If you are comfortable shooting and editing interviews, this business is a perfect use of your skills. But of course, it’s all in the marketing and that’s where this product shines.

Legal Video Specialist Business Kit

Shoot legal video depositions for $60 – $100 an hour with a 2 – 4 hour minimum. If your schedule is flexible, this can be an ideal full or part-time business which requires only basic equipment.

CBS Film Stickers – limited supply

Own a piece of CBS News history.

I came across a stack of these original, unused film can labels that we used at CBS News in the last days of 16mm film shooting. They are 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches. The labels are dye cut to peel off as a circle. The circular label was stuck on a 16mm film can and filled out and delivered to the network and then to the film lab. I have a few of these labels left. Of course, the networks have not used 16mm film for many years so these labels are hard to find. They’re not making them anymore. I had one framed. I’m proud to have a bit of filmmaking history

Wedding Video For Profit: A Business and Marketing Guide

This book is guaranteed to start or expand your wedding video business on the road to profit. It includes the best strategies, marketing letters, brochures and everything you need to build a thriving business. The CD includes 11 wedding video contracts you can use, cut and paste and modify.

How To SetUp, Light, and Shoot Great Interviews

Interviews are often the heart of a video. Look how important they are to TV Network Magazine Shows, Business Videos, Testimonials, Video Biographies, Settlement Videos. Put another way, could you produce many videos without using interviews? If you only learn to light one type of scene, the interview is the one to learn. With a basic lighting kit and the instruction in this DVD your interviews will look like they were shot by a network magazine crew.

Letters of Agreement for Ambitious Video Producers (for business videos only)

Customize these contracts and you will be paid for ALL your time and PREVENT client misunderstandings.

Web Design Business Kit For Video Producers

A web design business can be the perfect compliment to a video production business. It’s another marketing service. Sell it to the same customers. Use or modify thousands of off-the-shelf designs, but even better is the recurring income. Even if you decide you don’t want to start the web design business, the tips in this book will help you make your own website 200% more effective in selling your services.

Online Video Distribution System

DVDs are fading fast, replaced by the cloud. This system is for video producers, publishers or distributors. Works with affiliates, rentals, and subscriptions. Profit from other digital products and much more.

Secrets of Producing and Selling Successful Videos

The Special Interest video business is a smart business because, unlike the video service business, in this one you can multiply your profits. Create a product once and sell it MANY times. Use the Internet to sell videos 24/7 to an international audience. Learn which topics or genres are the most profitable and which you are best suited to produce. Learn how to promote your video to a national audience and place your video with large distributors. You’ll meet individual producers who have sold millions of dollars worth of their videos. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Study what successful producers have done. This 324-page book is the definitive book on the hot business of producing and selling non-fiction DVDs and web video.

Presidential Speech Teleprompter

This Professional Speech Teleprompter is also called a Presidential Prompter or Presidential Glass. It’s just like the ones the president uses. Great for public speakers, teachers and politicians.

Teleprompter Software

Professional Teleprompter Software at a very affordable price.

iPad 1 Teleprompter Kit

Click To Enlarge This iPad 1 teleprompter kit from LCD4Video is designed for studio or on location use. It features an iPad case/mounting bracket, and a teleprompter kit with hood, glass, and all required hardware. When filming anyone ”“ actor or “real person” ”“ who must deliver a long passage of script straight to camera, […]

iPad Teleprompter Kit for the iPad 2 & iPad 3

Compatible with the iPad 2 & the New iPad This iPad teleprompter kit from is designed for studio or on location use. It features an iPad case/mounting bracket, and a teleprompter kit with hood, glass, and all required hardware. When filming anyone ”“ actor or “real person” ”“ who must deliver a long passage of […]

Teleprompter Kit with On-Camera 10″ LCD Monitor

Click to Enlarge This 10 inch Teleprompter kit is quick and easy to connect onto your camera. The included 10″ VGA LCD Monitor comes with a 4″ arm & shoe mount that can be mounted on top of any video camera and positioned directly over your lens. You can connect the monitor to any laptop […]

Video Biography and History Services

The Gift of a Lifetime Thank you a thousand times for making this video. I am presenting it to my mom tomorrow at her 85th birthday party. I am so excited to have such a gift for her. My sisters and her grandchildren will treasure these memories always. – Jane Dolliver Excerpts from “I Weathered […]

Powerful Sales Techniques for Corporate Video Producers

“Powerful Sales Techniques for Corporate Video Producers” tackles all the tough questions producers face from their clients and prospects during almost every meeting -from “Why are your prices higher than other producers?” to “Can’t we just tape our new Widget Maker in action and bring the video footage over so you can finish up the program? It’ll have you nodding in recognition and -more importantly -taking notes and developing a strategy for your next encounter with a corporate prospect!

Jony Prompter, the New Generation Smart Teleprompter

This lightweight, compact teleprompter uses an LCD flat panel monitor. See why small TV studios are using this one and saving a couple thousand dollars. Superb value.

Blu-Ray Test Disc Kit 2nd Edition

Picture Quality Calibration and Evaluation Tool for Monitors, Displays, Blu-ray Players and Video Processors. Adjust your home theater system for optimal playback. Includes a 3-minute montage that was shot entirely on the RED ONE camera at 4096×2048! Now includes 3-D calibration! This is a great demo for your home theater.

Shoot Funerals and Memorial Videos

This is a very untapped market. It’s easy work that can become a significant part of your income. There are several different services you can offer. These videos generally require much less editing than wedding videos and often yield a higher paying rate per hour.

Getting Government Contracts for the Small Video Production Company

You will be amazed at how many videos the US Government produces every year. A substantial number of them are produced by independent producers just like you. You paid your taxes. Isn’t it time you got some of that money back? Discover how to become a government pre-approved production company.

Produce Day In The Life and Settlement Videos

If you are a skilled documentary producer, attorneys need your expertise. These videos are used in lawsuits and to settle out of court. Your documentary skills can result in multi-million dollar settlements.

Start Your Own Video Duplication and Transfer Business

The duplication and transfer businesses are a natural for anyone who produces videos. You probably already own most of the equipment. Why not turn it into profit? And if you don’t own the equipment, this is a low cost business to start. And you can outsource the work.

Transferring photos, slides and all kinds of film to DVD is a bigger business than you may realize. There’s a reason CVS, Walgreen’s and every other chain offers these services. Because there’s a lot of money in it!

But you have many advantages over the corporations – you’re local; you care about you work; and you can turn it around quickly. Check out this business and see if you don’t agree that it’s a creative and profitable business you should pursue.

A More Profitable Event Video Business

One of our very own VU Forum Members has an event video business that is unlike any I have ever seen. This one can bring in up to $20,000 in a weekend with little or no post-production! It does require some technical skills perhaps more than other video businesses.

HDMI On-Camera LCD Monitor Kit w/1080p HDMI Input

7″ HDMI LCD Monitor. Perfect for DSLR cameras, HDV, HD camcorders and SD. A great monitor without the high price tag.

7″ LCD Monitor

Seven Inch LCD Monitor switchable from 4:3 to 16:9, low cost, with built in speaker, flippable image and more. Perfect for video-assist and general field production.

Motorized Focus, Zoom, Iris Control

For broadcast style cameras this attaches to your lens. Perfect for use on jibs and cranes, for church video, or when using the camera in a studio configuration. Use it on unattended remote cameras for weddings, wildlife and lots more. Available in one combined unit for focus, zoom and iris control or as separate units.

Round Light Reflector

This “pop-out” light reflector has 5 different colors. 43 inches in diameter when open, but closes to only 15″. Invaluable portable lighting tool.

Rembrandt Card With Complete DV Shooters Guide to Advanced Videography on CD ROM

The DV Shooters’ Guide to Advanced Videography shows you advanced videography techniques that will transform the way you shoot video. Many interesting techniques you can apply with color, focus, lighting, camera moves and more. Lots of tips and tricks to make your next video look spectacular. Outstanding Quality!

Free Bonus: The Rembrandt Card. This special card lets you White Balance the same way shooters for network TV shows do to get that pleasing, warm look. Now you can give your video interviews, landscapes and other scenes that same, warm Rembrandt look! Complete instructions included.

Learn DV Lighting

Lighting adds a new dimension to video. Learn how it can make your digital video look like a feature film or a high-concept TV commercial. Discover how to use basic lighting techniques as well as advanced tips and tricks.

Special Interest Video Magazine Vol 1

Companion DVD to the book above, this DVD introduces you to a major distributor who explains what they want; a major video reviewer who shows you how to get a good review; and a special segment on how to price your video and more importantly how NOT to price your video. See the Special Offer.


The best way to clean your camera’s lens recommended by Nikon, Vivitar, and Kodak. Uses a revolutionary non-liquid compound which is safe for all optical lenses and delicate lens coatings.

Video Business Plan

Download or Printed Plan Start or Expand Your Video Business with a smart business plan.

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