Nikon D90 Training DVDs

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Nikon D90 Training DVDs

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2 Instructional DVDs – 160 minutes total


Nikon D90 Training Videos

If you own a Nikon D90 or plan on owning one in the future, consider investing in the best DVD set out there! We not only take you through all the controls an functions, but we show you things that you never thought the D90 could do.

There is no sense in owning the D90 and only learning 20% of its potential. Some of the things in the manual can be difficult to understand. In our videos, we walk you through every function of the camera in a step-by-step manner.

Become an expert on the D90 in no time without a lot of hard work. Why simply use the auto mode for photos when you can do so much more to make your photos look professional?

Nikon D90 Training Videos

” I had purchased a Nikon D90 about a year ago and quickly became overwhelmed by the power and various features of the camera. As a result, this awesome machine sat on my bookshelf as I repeatedly told myself that one day soon I would read the manual cover to cover. Fortunately, I stumbled across your DVDs on the D90. What a world of difference! I now feel like I’m in complete control and I have the camera with me everywhere these days. Thank you!”

– Jack R.

You will learn everything from the film mode, continuous shooting mode, live view mode, to the shutter priority mode, custom settings, flash settings, white balance settings, memory settings, slideshow mode, display and playback modes, focus modes, custom menus, histogram, bracketing modes and lots more.

Owning these videos allow you to quickly learn how to use the difficult settings on your camera.

Disc 1



Camera Walkaround

Strap Installation


Ready to Shoot

Holding the Camera

Basic Shooting in Auto Mode

Image PLayback

Playback Information


Zooming in on your Image

Delete your Image


Playback Menu


Folder Select

Slide Show

Print DPOF

Stop Motion Movie

Continuous Shooting Mode

When to Use

How to Use

Chapter 4

Shooting Menu

Image Quality and Size

White Balance

ISO Sensitivity

Chapter 5

Mode Dial

Depth of Field

Chapter 6

Creating Soft Focus Backgrounds

Secondary Button Functions

Two Button Quick Reset

Help Button

Quick Access Menu

Chapter 7

Stop Motion Animation

Frame Rate

Shooting Info Screen


Chapter 1

Custom Settings Menu

Factory Reset

Focus Modes

AF-Area Mode

Release Mode


Flash Compensation

ISO Auto

Function Button

AEL/AFL Button

Menu Display Duration

Date Imprint

Range Finder

Chapter 2

Setup Menu

Format Memory Card

Info Display Properties

Date & Time Information

Folder Management

Firmware Information

Chapter 3

Retouch Menu

Active D lighting

Chapter 4

Flash Modes


Chapter 5

What type of lens

Chapter 6

Bonus Material

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