Panasonic AG-AF101

What if you had a video camera that had all the virtues of DSRL cameras, but none of the video workarounds? Well it’s about to be announced.

Uses micro 4/3 lenses or adapt ANY other lens to it.
Built-in internal optical neutral density filters.
XLR Audio Inputs
The Hi Def LCD has a full waveform monitor, vector scope and a spot meter.
Colored Peaking Focus assist so when an object is in focus it glows.
HDSI & HDMI outputs
No more moire or aliasing
More recording modes than any DSRL
Variable frame rates
The sensor is nearly the same size as 35mm movie camera
(not the one from the GH1)

HD Magazine says the camera is available for pre-order, and it’s 4990 Euro ($6,325 US) No official release date has been announced.