What happened to the Conan Final Cut Pro video from YouTube?
It was pulled for “copyright claims,” but I’ll bet there is more to the story than that! Any information would be very appreciated.
We found another copy and reposted it above.

Conan’s editors aren’t too impressed with FCP X. Take a closer look.

First of all, Final Cut Pro 7 will not be upgraded. This $1000 editing program was used to edit feature films like “The Social Network,” which I loved and “True Grit” which I hated (for Jeff Bridges’ unintelligible grunting which they passed off as dialogue.) But that’s another story.

Final Cut Pro has had 54% of the video editing market which includes wedding and event, corporate and other producers. That’s more than Adobe and Avid put together. But Final Cut Pro 7 is being dumped. The new version Final Cut Pro X (pronounced 10) has been created completely from scratch so it is not backward compatible.

Conan’s editors, like other early adopters are not happy, even though the price is only $300 compared to $1000 and it does have native support for DSLR h264 footage. The program is available from the Apple Store.

Here are some of the comments we have heard from VideoUniversity regulars.

  1. The workflow is way different than FCP 7. It is almost like going to a completely different NLE.
  2. There is no multicam support.
  3. Lacks the ability of having multiple timelines.
  4. Lacks a DVD Studio Pro upgrade.
  5. No Soundtrack Pro or XML import. Currently, there is no way to get a FCP7 project into FCP X
  6. Apple seemed to have taken away ProResLT in FCPX
  7. Motion and Compressor which were included in Final Cut Studio are now available separately.
  8. It seems that this is similar to what Apple did to iMovie in 2008. They killed it off and replaced it with a new version with fewer features that lacked many capabilities people had taken for granted. Three years of upgrades later, the new iMovie catches up to the old version and surpasses it. In fact even Apple calls FCP X a “foundational piece.”

    Now some of the improvements:

    No more waiting to render. Final Cut X renders in the background. You can’t organize files or delete clips while rendering, BUT you can keep on editing.

    Now, audio and video are always in synch and can be locked with other clips they can all be moved as one. It used to be very easy to accidentally move audio or video a few frames out of synch.

    The Auditions feature lets you try alternative shots in the timeline without having to place them individually. So you can look at different editing choices more easily.

    A new feature called Color Match let’s you easily match the white balance or color cast of one clip to another.

    You can adjust the playback speed of a clip to slow-mo or fast-mo by pressing a key and dragging the clip’s right edge. The clip will longer or shorter on the timeline. This action does not require rendering.

    This version of Final Cut Pro will be much easier to use than the previous version IF you have not used Final Cut Pro before. If you have version 7 down pat, you will have some unlearning to do. In the long run it may be worth it. It seems like a much simpler design and Final Cut X is now a 64-bit program, meaning it can exploit Macs with more than 4 gigabytes of memory for faster speed.

    For those looking for an easy transition from 7 to 10, forget about it. You’ll have to wait for some of the inevitable bug fixes and upgrades, but if you can wait, you’ll see that this new program is intuitive and powerful.