Guide to Making Money With Web Video

Guide to Making Money With Web Video

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Before you put another video on Youtube or other website for which you will not be paid, look at the sites that pay. This report will help you make money from your videos on the web.

By Hal Landen

There are a lot of YouTube clones, over 200 according to CNN/Money. Some of them will pay you for your video. This in-depth special report analyzes which are the best sites where you should put your video and warns you about the sites to avoid.

    This report answers the questions:

  • Which sites are actually paying producers (creators)?
  • How much?
  • What kinds of videos make the most money?
  • Where should you post a documentary?
  • What sites are best for selling your longer videos?
  • Unusual angles to make money with web video.
  • Other amazing ways to sell your video on the web.
The New York Times writes that “The television industry was also taking notice of this evolving marketplace: NBC, TBS and Comedy Central established Web sites where users could post comedy clips.”

This special report removes the hype and gives you the facts. Facts that will put more money in your pocket. When you see what videos are making money, it will fire your brain. “I can do better than that!” That’s what this report is all about — to help you make money with web video. Even television is inviting new producers to play the game.

Here’s How You Can Get It for Free

This special report is really an extension of my new book Secrets of Producing and Selling Successful Videos. I realized that web video is changing too fast to write about it in a book so I made a PDF file we could update easily. If you you buy the book now, we’ll send you this special report for free. Or you can just buy the special report for only $7.75. Either way you will be entering a smart business that is exploding right now.

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