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Inteliprompter for All Windows including Vista

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Teleprompter (Software Only) for all versions of Windows including Vista
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Price: $229.77
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Inteliprompter Software, Construction Plans and Video
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Price: $249.77
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Hand Controller Only
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Full Package: Software, Construction Plans, Video and Hand Controller
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Inteliprompter is the best Low Cost professional teleprompter software for for All Windows including Vista

Inteliprompter Cover, The Best Windows Teleprompter

Frequently Asked Questions

What Users Say

At last! A professional, affordable teleprompter for for allversions of Windows including Vista. Inteliprompter is brought to you by the same people who produced VideoPrompter, the DOS teleprompter which is used by thousands of cable TV stations and independent producers. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade to a Windows teleprompter, now is the time.

This latest Windows version has all the professional features and benefits of teleprompters costing THOUSANDS MORE!

  • Designed for All Windows including Vista operating systems
  • Silky – Smooth scrolling
  • Choose the font size that best fits your needs
  • Select multiple font colors throughout your script
  • Full-featured text editor included
  • Mirror mode prompting available
  • Completely user-configurable background colors
  • Font Effects (Bold, Underline, Italic, etc.)
  • User-definable script bookmarks (Up to 999)
  • Reads from / Writes to Rich Text files as well as standard text files
  • Compatible with your favorite word processor / script writer.
  • You can print your script just as it will be prompted (for talent practice)
  • Support for our new professional hand speed controllers, as well as your keyboard, mouse or joystick (Call for details)
  • Built in User Guide and Help Files

If you have been looking for a teleprompter system, you know how expensive professional teleprompting software and equipment can be. By purchasing the Inteliprompter package you will be making an investment that will repay itself long before you finish your very next production. You don’t need to pay exorbitant amounts of money to get the best teleprompting software money can buy!

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions we receive about our Inteliprompter Software

Is it possible to use Inteliprompter software without building the ‘before- the-lens’ prompter box?
Yes, you can. In fact it is used quite often with lap-top computers for short, field takes in ‘beside-the-lens’ mode. You simply set the monitor right beside your camera, run the Inteliprompter software with the script loaded and shoot your video. All of the remote controlled smooth scrolling features are operational in both ‘through-the-lens’ and ‘beside-the-lens’ operating modes.

What kind of computer monitor will I need to use when constructing the box for using the software in before-the-lens mode?
Inteliprompter, due to the limitations of Windows, works only with a standard 14" inch VGA monitor, however any size monitor (such as a 15" or 16") that will fit inside the prompter box will work.

I already own a different brand of teleprompter software. Can I purchase the ‘Plans Only’ that would show me how to construct my own Prompter box to use with my existing software?
YES. As long as the software you now own is a professional package that allows you to display scrolling text in mirror image mode on your monitor. The complete construction Video (running time 55 minutes) and the detail plans are available for $40.00 (US) plus our standard shipping and handling charges.

Can I use the Inteliprompter software with a larger monitor?
Yes, besides using any size computer monitor in beside-the-lens mode, you can use a VGA to NTSC adapter to display video text on any size composite video monitor. For instance one customer uses the Inteliprompter software as a teleprompter for his live lectures by running the computer video signal to two 35 inch TVs on each side of the room. He refers to them as a prompter while he gives his lectures.

Do I need Windows to run the Inteliprompter?
Yes. It works under all versions of Windows including Vista.

What kind of computer do I need to run Inteliprompter?
Inteliprompter will run on most any computer with the following minimum specifications:

  • Pentium-Class computer
  • 8MB of RAM
  • 25 MB free Hard disk space (Full Inteliprompter install takes <5 MB)
  • VGA Graphics adapter and Monitor
  • Any version of Windows

Can I use Inteliprompter with my laptop or notebook computer?
You sure can! Many people use Inteliprompter with their laptop and notebook computers for a portable teleprompter system. For a larger monitor, simply plug any VGA monitor into the external VGA port on your laptop. Another alternative is to use a composite video monitor with a VGA to NTSC adapter. Advanced Digital Systems makes small adapters for use with your notebook and laptop computer systems. These converters allows you to display your laptop output to any size NTSC composite video monitor. The External version even comes with a wireless mouse. These converters are available also available. Call for details.

What others say

“Pro results on an amateur’s budget.”
Joseph W. Allen Jr. (KTEH-TV; San Jose, CA)

“A complete teleprompter costs $4,000 or more – I built mine for less than $200!”—Tom Farmkoff (Newscaster Demo Tapes; Woodridge, IL)

“We used to have a cutoff time of 5PM for our 6PM show, now we can work on scripts right up to 5:55PM. What a Time Saver!!!”—Nick Chevrefils (News Director, CJBN-TV; Ontario, Canada)

“Quick, easy Auto Cue on a standard PC saves hiring in specialized equipment.”—Chris RL Allen (Aotea Centre; New Zealand)

“I own 5 teleprompter products. I just can’t find any reason to use anything but Inteliprompter.”—Jay Pickens (VideoHaus Productions; Fort Worth, TX)

“Thanks to you we were able to throw away our cue cards forever! I can’t imagine doing video without this software.”—Gregg W. Kaufman (PriMedia; Reseda, CA)

“For the money, the best prompter system available!”—Perry Gardner (Business & Television Inc.; Des Moines, IA)

“I took your plans to our local Home Depot and they cut the pieces for me in no time at all. All I had to do was put it together. Simple. A friend who uses another (high priced) teleprompter was totally amazed!”—Milton Bazo (Bazo Video and Photography; Duniden, FL)

“Inteliprompter helped us greatly reduce production time of our training videos… The system paid for itself on the first shoot!”—Michael Martens (Martech Systems Inc.; Wausau, WI)

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase, check out our Money Back Guarantee & Return Policy.

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