JonyJib Rear Control

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Item #136A
JonyJib 2 (9 feet height)

Price … $1395 plus shipping

Item #136B
JonyJib 2 (15 feet height)
Price … $2195 plus shipping
Item #136C
JonyJib PRO 21 Base system with 21 feet height
Includes Mitchell Mounting Hub and Rear Control Center
Price … $3795.00 plus shipping

Item #136D
JonyJib2 or JonyJib Pro Custom Carrying/Shipping Case
Price … $250 plus shipping

Also Available:
JonyJib2 or JonyJib Pro Component cases and Motorhead cases
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This JonyJib Rear Control is included free with any JonyJib Camera Crane.

Two Views of the JonyJib Rear Control shown with the optional LCD monitor, Bescor MP101 and Canon ZR1000 controller.

Get better control with the all new JonyJib Rear Control Center. Cluster your controls and operate your JonyJib from the rear of your jib arm.

The RCC bolts to the rear of the jib, in place of your existing counterweight platform. With the RCC, your counterweights now slide, horizontally on each side of the rear lower control arm. New counterweight mounting hardware is included in the upgrade kit.

The RCC is powder coated with a tough, epoxy based, black finish. The control layout gives you ample grip for one or two handed control of your jib. There is also space for third party pan & tilt and LANC camera controls.

The center mounting area is designed to hold a 5-6” LCD color monitor. With the unique “free tilt” operation, the controls and monitor always face you no matter what position the jib is in. You may also tighten the mounting nuts for just the right amount of RCC tilt drag. This photo shows the RCC underslung but it can easily be over-slung. The RCC fits any JonyJib model.


  • Width 12.5 inches
  • Height 10 inches
  • Handle Diameter 3/4 inch
  • Monitor Opening 11 x 6 inches
  • PVC Mt Spacers 4

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