Learn DV Lighting

Learn DV Lighting

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key lightlighting for greenscreen
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DV Enlightenment is an illuminating lighting course of training, covering everything from essential lighting concepts and techniques to advanced secrets and tricks.

This course is for anyone wanting to shoot stunningly beautiful, cinematic quality footage for filmmaking, marketing projects, broadcast, special interest video, education or any other purpose.

Lighting Course Outline

Light Properties • understanding light and shadow • hard & soft light • color temperature • light direction • motivated lighting
shadow control color temperature

Lighting Gear • soft boxes • umbrellas • gels • reflectors • flags • black wrap • cookies
lighting soft box lowel light umbrella

The DVcreators.net Four Point Lighting Method • A brilliant, comprehensive lighting method for getting gorgeous looking footage in any location for any mood • key light options • fill & ambient light • lighting ratio • backlight, rimlight & kickers • background lighting • high key & low key lighting
how to light
improve your lighting
4 point lighting 4 point lighting
masters of light simple lighting

Working with Sunlight • the Hollywood secret to shooting beautiful footage outdoors • positioning camera, subject & sun • shooting interiors with daylight • diffusers • magic hour
dramatic lighting

Lighting Greenscreen• top secret DVcreators.net method for evenly lighting chromakey backgrounds

White Limboevenly lighting white backgrounds and a secret keying technique

Black Limbo • how to “drop out” a dark background

Bright Ideas • a series of illuminating tips and tricks for getting cinematic looks in a variety of situations • lighting special effects • using practicals • accent lighting • candlelight • TV & computer light • the killer single light technique • fog

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