LED Lighting For HD

LED Lighting For HD
Item #LEDZ96

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Here’s what you get:

1. HDV Z96 LED Light

2. Shoe Mount

3. Diffusion Filter Plate

4. Warming Filter Plate

5. Multiple Link Bracket

One Year Limited Warranty

Super Bright LED Light for HD Shooting

Lighting For HD

The new HDV-Z96 is a super bright (800 lux) LED with 96 individual LEDs. It’s about 40% brighter than most other LED panels. But it costs only a fraction of similar lights. For instance, compare it to the Micro Pro light which costs over $100 more, but gives much less light! In addition the HDV-Z96 has a 16:9 wide spread for HD.

This light comes with a shoe mount to fit any DSLR such as the Canon 5D or any camcorder. The diffusion filter and warm (3200 K) filter both attach magnetically.

LED Lighting For HD

The Complete Five Piece Kit: 1. HDV Z96 LED Light, 2. Shoe Mount,

3. Diffusion Filter Plate, 4. Warming Filter Plate, 5. Multiple Link Bracket

LED Lighting For HD

With the Warm 3200 Filter

LED Lighting For HD

Gang Them Up With Multiple Link Bracket

LED Lighting For HD

Dimming knob (upper left)

It weighs only 6.6 ounces. 2.95 inches high, 4.99 inches wide, 1.77 inches thick.

Gang Them Up, Filter and Dim

It includes a multiple link bracket so you can gang them up with six lights together using the included multiple link bracket.

The HDV-Z96 is 5600 degrees Kelvin which is daylight. A simple magnetic filter plate changes it to 3200. It also comes with a white diffusion filter. You can dim this light from 100% to 25% without changing the color temperature!

Many Easy Power Options

The HDV-Z96 can be powered with both standard AA Batteries and Sony L Series DV Batteries. It’s also compatible with our DV battery adapters for use with Canon, Panasonic and other battery types. The HDV-Z96 can be powered using a wide variety of other batteries, adapters and cables, AC Adapters, Rechargeable Li-ion battery Kits, XLR Power adapters, Anton Bauer Power Adapters, 12v DC Cigarette Adapters, Canon/Sony/Panasonic DV Battery Adapters and more

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