Mini DV Storage Rack (Holds 50 Mini DVs)

Mini DV Storage Rack
Item #121

Price: $21.95
plus $7.50 s/h in the U.S.

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Three Mini DV Storage Racks
Item #122

Price: $64.71
plus $24.65 s/h in the U.S.


Here’s what you get: Three Mini DV Storage Racks, each one holds 50 mini DV cassettes. That means storage for a total of 150 cassettes.

DV Storage Rack

This rack is the right way to store DV tapes and you’ll know it as soon as you put your first tape in it. Why buy a rack that only holds 24 tapes? You’d outgrow that in a few months.

This high-impact molded plastic is a very sturdy rack that holds 50 mini DV tapes and can be wall mounted either horizontally, vertically or just used as a stand-alone. See the three holes? They are for wall mounting. You can make a whole wall of them.

Dimensions: 15 3/4″ x 8 7/8″ x 1 3/4″

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