MotorHead 20 and 30

These products are ideal

for use with the JonyJib Camera Crane.

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MotorHead 20 and 30

The primary difference between these two units are the MotorHead 20 handles cameras up to 20 lbs while Motorhead 30 cradles cameras to 30 lbs. The MotorHead is a precision, remotely controlled 2 axis pan & tilt unit for video or film cameras. It mounts over or under the end of a JonyJib or most other jib arms. It can also be bolted to a stationary mount. It has features found on more expensive units but with a very attractive price. The MotorHead will pan and tilt your camera up to 360 degrees on either axis, smoothly and accurately by a proportional joystick, giving you full flexibility and control of your dramatic shots.

MotorHead 20 Head Unit

MotorHead Control Unit

MotorHead Carrying Case

The MotorHead can operate on 12 to 24 volts DC and is equipped with an ‘industry standard’ 4 pin XLR power connector. The highest quality Maxon coreless motors are used on the MotorHead 20 & 30.

The MotorHead is fitted with a 20 foot control cable so that it fits any JonyJib without the need for extension cables. The new digital control of the MotorHead includes Linear or Logarithmic joystick capability with knobs to adjust your preference of deadspot and speed control.

– Linear Joystick – Each degree of movement reflects and equal amount of speed increase.

– Logarithmic Joystick – In the first half of the joystick movement, each degree reflects smaller increases in speed. Second half of joystick movement increases faster to catch up to full power. This makes slow speed more controllable yet keeps top speeds available if necessary.

– Deadspot – Opens the center of the joystick where no movement of the motors occurs. This way you can set it to your abilities and insure no crossover to the other axis when not wanted.

– Speed Control – Limits top speed and spreads the new speed over the full movement of the joystick. Creating more accuracy where needed.

Order your MotorHead today to compliment your JonyJib!

MotorHead Specifications

Camera Capacity

up to 20 or 30 lbs


12 – 30 volts DC

Power Connector

4 pin XLR

Control Cable length

20 feet

Pan axis movement

360 degrees +

Tilt axis movement

360 degrees


(4) 1/4″ bolts/nuts

Mount Orientation

Over or Under slung


10 lbs – 12 lbs



ZR2000 – Pro Remote Zoom & Focus

ZR2000 Control Handle

Spring Loaded

Focus Motor & Gear

ZR2000 – Remote Zoom & Focus

Product Details

The ZR2000 provides focus and zoom control for Canon or Fujinon ENG style camera lenses.The ZR2000 is a precision, remotely controlled electronic zoom and focus control. The unit comes equipped to zoom your interchangeable lens via a standard DIN connector which mates to the connector under the grip of your lens.

You may add the ability to focus your lens with the focus unit which is controlled from the dual purpose zoom/focus control handle. Zoom functions are accessed, under the handle, via your fingers while focus is accessed, on top of the handle, via your thumb.

The focus control stepper motor is fitted with nylon gear which is interchangeable to fit either Canon or Fujinon lenses. Stepper motors are extremely quiet, and when geared are extremely smooth and accurate. Our system has the full range of movement broken down into 4096 precise locations. RC servos only move 180 degrees,at most, and need a large gear to get full range of focus movement. Not steppers, they go continuous and with our spring loaded system there is always the correct gear meshing.

Though steppers do not know where they are, they know how far they have moved. Match that to our digital control and you have very accurate positioning, quietly and smoothly.

The ZR2000 compliments the MotorHead 20 or 30 by giving you full control of the zoom and focus of your shots from the rear of your JonyJib.

Order your ZR2000 today to compliment your JonyJib!

These products are ideal

for use with the JonyJib Camera Crane.

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