Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide

Shut Up And Shoot
Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide
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Here’s What You Get:

  1. printed book The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide 400 pages

Don’t just talk about making movies, start shooting. This book will get you going. It’s the leading film book for amateur filmmakers. The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide shows you how to do more with less.

Discover How to:

Avoid common filmmaker mistakes.
Give your videos that professional look and sound.
Jump way ahead of your competition.

In a few hours, you will learn more than film school courses teach in a whole semester. In fact many film schools use this book as an assigned textbook. The proven strategies will stretch your budget and better control your production.

A few of the things you’ll learn:

  • What film gear you need to get started
  • What to look for when hiring crew
  • How to work remotely w/ an editor
  • When and how to use lighting accessories like colored gels
  • Which microphone to use and How to hook up a mixer
  • Which boom position to use and when
  • How to mount a lav mic
  • Interview preparation and warm-up
  • Interviewing celebrities
  • How to shoot a live event
  • How to shoot in rough neighborhoods
  • How to get the most out of shooting with a cellphone
  • How to shoot a remote video interview
  • How to shoot handheld
  • How to avoid getting your equipment ripped off
  • How to hustle money back into your budget
  • The most common budgeting mistakes to avoid
  • When to use camera auto-functions
  • How to successfully start a Kickstarter Campaign
  • How and why to adjust video color bars
  • Who does what on the crew
  • Popular camera specs and prices
  • How and when to manipulate your shutter speed
  • How to feed your crew well on a budget
  • How to get shallow depth of field in 5 different ways
  • How to work a film festival
  • How to steal locations and not get busted
  • Five different ways to get a film look from video
  • How to raise the money and approach investors
  • 8 Lighting set-ups including diagrams and photos

“As my teacher, Anthony Artis taught me how to cut production down to the bare essentials to get it done… Without this foundation I would never have been able to keep up at the White House.”
– Arun Chaudhary, First Official White House Videographer and author of First Cameraman.

“Extremely helpful for the newborn documentary filmmaker.”
– Albert Maysles, Grey Gardens, Salesman, Gimme Shelter

“The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide is a good primer for the entry-level documentary filmmaker, present