Video Basics 6 by Herbert Zettl

Video Basics 6

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6th Edition

  • ISBN-10: 0495569437
  • ISBN-13: 978-0495569435

by Herbert Zettl

Video Basics 6 by Zettl

Ever wish you had taken a college video course? Well now you can and this one is the standard.

“When I was in college all my professors called it our “Bible.” Even now several years later I can still count on it as one of my best reference sources.” – Leslyn V. Johnson, President of New Griot Media providing TV and film production, writing and editing, and video production.

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Used in hundreds of colleges, this book has helped launch thousands of careers. Beautifully illustrated with over 250 photos and diagrams, so you learn visually. Every great production starts with the basics.

  • Thoroughly covers all the basics: the concepts, tools, and techniques essential to get started in video production without prior knowledge or experience.
  • Digital and synthetic images: Digital processes–such as nonlinear editing and desktop video. Synthetic image creation is emphasized in the section on interactive video, multimedia, and virtual reality.
  • Emphasis on aesthetics, extensively featured throughout. You’ll understand the why and the how of producing great video and audio effects.
  • Visually presented with more than 250 photos and diagrams, including the latest technology. Provide constant visual support to the concepts and applications.
  • Updated information on the latest technology, including digital audiotape, DVD-ROM, and digital camcorders.
  • Key ideas in the book are linked, via an icon in the margin, to the DVD-ROM Zettl’s Video Lab 3.0 so you can read about a key concept or skill and then see it applied in the lab setting of the DVD-ROM and on the internet.

Table of Contents

PART ONE: PRODUCTION PROCESSES AND PEOPLE. 1. The Production Process. 2. The Production Team: Who Does What When?

PART TWO: IMAGE CREATION AND CONTROL. 3. The Video Camera. 4. Looking Through the Viewfinder. 5. Operating the Camera. 6. Light, Color, Lighting. 7. Visual Effects and Computer-Generated Video. 8. Audio and Sound Control.

PART THREE: VIDEO RECORDING, STORAGE, AND SEQUENCING. 9. Video Recording. 10. Editing Principles. 11. Switching and Post-production Editing.

PART FOUR: TALENT AND THE PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT. 12. Talent, Clothing, and Makeup. 13. Production Environment: The Studio. 14. Field Production and Synthetic Environments.

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