Video Business Bonanza!

Video Business Bonanza

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Save time. Jump start your video business now. This package includes all of our business guides. Whenever you’re ready to start a new business service, our guides are right at your fingertips.

It’s like going to college to start a video business. Only this stuff isn’t taught in college. Have you considered a Master’s Degree in Video Business? Do you know what it would cost? Well over $25,000, even in a public state college. (My friend who has a daughter in grad school right now says it costs much more than that!)

The real problem with grad school is that instead of learning how to actually make a living in the video business, you will learn film theory, how to use an obsolete editing system and so on. That’s all fine and I recommend higher education to everyone. But in grad school you don’t learn how to run a real business making videos that please real clients.

Instead of grad school, you could buy one of those video franchises for forty times what you’ll spend here, but most of them started by buying our business kits and then marking the information up 100 times!

We’ll Help You Pay for Graduate School

Here’s the library you need to really start making money in the video business. And since I want you to actually succeed in this business, I’ll give you a free hour of consultations! Just call me, Hal Landen, at 401 253 2800 (9A – 5P, Monday – Friday.)

Package Includes:

1. Professional Video Producer #77- Home Study Course normally $164.77

Start producing videos for small businesses, corporations and non-profits.


A. BOOK, #101 Marketing With Digital Video: How to Produce a Winning Video

B. CD #103 Guide to Public Domain Footage

C. #111 Letters of Agreement for Ambitious Producers

D. Study Guide

E. Resource Guide

2.Wedding Video for Profit (Book, DVD and CD) normally $129.77

3. Legal Video Specialist Business Kit #140 (DVD, Book and CD) normally $107.77

4. How to Produce Day In The Life and Settlement Videos #240 (E-Book) normally $77.00

5. Start Your Own Video Duplication and Transfer Business #248 (E-Book) normally $49.95

6. A More Profitable Event Video Business #166 (DVD and Printed Booklet) normally $77.00

7. Secrets of Producing and Selling Successful VideosBook, DVD, CD normally $64.00

8. Video Business Plan #BIZPLAN1 (E-Book) normally $39.95

9. Master Powerful Sales Techniques For Video Producers #152 (E-Book) normally $49.95

10. Getting Government Contracts for the Small Video Production Company #249 (E-Book) normally $39.95

11. How To SetUp, Light, and Shoot Great Interviews #251 (DVD) normally $49.97

12. Web Design Business Kit For Video Producers #123(E-Book) normally $64.00

If you bought these items individually, they would cost over $863 and that’s including package discounts. So you’re saving well over $150, but most importantly, you’ll have your own video business library that will be one of the best investments in your success.

Call me at 401 253 2800 with any questions or for help.

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