XLR Adapter and A Dual Channel Mixer

XLR Audio Adapter


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Here’s what you get:

XLR-Pro XLR adapter/Mixer

Add XLR Audio Inputs to Your Camcorder

Side 1 View

Mix Two professional mics

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Mounts under your camera OR on your belt

Adapt your camera audio to accept professional XLR microphones

The popular XLR-PROâ„¢ dual XLR adapter allows your DV camcorder or any camcorder or DAT recorder that provides an audio 1/8″ jack to accept professional XLR audio feed from the XLR adapter. This lets you use professional XLR microphones, use long run, balanced audio cables, and tap into PA systems, all with complete confidence.

Mix any two audio inputs

It’s an XLR adapter and mini mixer. With the dual purpose XLR-PROâ„¢ XLR adapter mix any two microphone inputs with ease using the combination of dual XLR inputs, dual 1/8″ inputs, and dual volume controls. You can use an XLR mic plus wireless mic, two XLR microphones or any other combination of professional and prosumer mics.

“Transforms prosumer to professional.”

Accident free audio level control knobs

The only XLR adapter knobs that are smooth and easy to adjust, but impossible to accidentally bump out of

adjustment while shooting. The knobs simply won’t move unless you grip them and turn. This is especially important when mounting the XLR-PROâ„¢ under your video camera, where knobs are easy to bump. And it’s all done without click stops.

Our all aluminum housing shields from interference and improves grounding

The XLR-PROâ„¢ is housed in a solid aluminum all metal enclosure to protect the entire electrical circuit from interference which may otherwise destroy your valuable soundtrack, an invitation to soundtrack havoc, plus the metal case improves grounding capability needed for many camcorders (our transformer shielding protects from another kind of interference unrelated to the need for shielding the entire circuit).

Shielded transformers = Quiet operation

The XLR-PROâ„¢ provides supreme quiet operation with its’ high performance multi-shielded transformers. The ground switch on the XLR-PROâ„¢ is a unique addition that lets you select the quietest ground for any camera (no floating ground). The ground switch is not to be confused with “ground lift” switches which do not perform this important camcorder grounding function.

Additional Features:

  • To record from one mic to both channels use the Stereo/mono output switch
  • A universal adapter that works on any camera
  • For best XLR audio connection the adapter uses state-of-the-art latching XLR connectors by Neutrik®
  • Connect to plug-in power mic jacks, found on some camcorders, with a voltage blocking circuit. Camcorders include (Sony VX1000, VX2000, VX700, TRV900 & others)
  • Mounts Two ways:
  • 1. Securely under your camera for either hand held or tripod operation (bottom mounts securely to tripod)
  • 2. OR clips on your belt.
  • 1 Year Warranty.


  • Inputs: 2 XLR audio connectors

    2 1/8″ mono jack connectors

  • Input Impedance: Nom. 600 ohms, suitable for 150 to 600 ohm input
  • Outputs: Approx. 13″ cable with stereo mini-plug
  • Gain: Adjustable from 0 to unity. No insertion loss.
  • Max. Input Voltage Level: 880mV – Mic, 10V – Line
  • Line Level Attenuation: Varies with camera input – approx 54db
  • Power: None. XLR-proâ„¢ is a passive device.
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz (+/- 1dB Max)
  • Enclosure: Aluminum, black, 5.25″x2.75″x1.25″, 13.5 oz.

1 Year Money-Back Guarantee from the mfg.

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