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WELCOME! Whether you’re a veteran of the film and video business or you’re just starting out, you’ve come to the right place. In the VU Free Library you’ll find in-depth articles, handbooks, guides and helpful resources – all about video and film production. Many experts from around the world contributed these fine articles and resources.

We’ve been getting some good press lately. PC Magazine Online recommended us as one of the two most valuable video sites. We were recently recommended by a Brazilian publication as well as a French Video Magazine. And an NAB manager calls us “a very impressive resource.”

Forbes Magazine Awards VideoUniversity Best of the Web

Forbes Magazine Award

Forbes Magazine awarded VideoUniversity as one of the best business to business sites for digital video production. They especially liked our Free Library and Community Forums.

Videography Magazine honored us as their web site of the month and later wrote a feature article about our site in which Jon Leland said “(Video University) delivers value, and that’s what builds repeat customers and referrals.” Thank you, Jon!. While this web site is a business, it’s always been my goal to make it much more than that.

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Your input, support and expertise have made this site what it is. I hope you’ll continue to send your comments and suggestions to let me know what kinds of information and tools would be most useful to you in the ever changing world of video.


Hal Landen

Dean of Video University

  • Home Page The place to start. The home page changes so you’ll want to bookmark it and remember to reload your browser when visiting. From the home page you can find everything that’s on our site. There’s a search bar at the top right on every page that searches the entire Video University site in about a second.
  • Free Library An extensive collection of useful articles, guides and handbooks on many video topics. You can even copyright your videos right here. Also includes a special collection of articles on the Business of Video.“A GREAT collection of valuable information” – Mel Addison, Teacher of Video Production and 20 year holder of Electronics Technology License
  • Professional Video Producer Home study course that helps you turn an expensive hobby into a successful business producing corporate videos.“The marketing and sales help alone in your course is fantastic.” – Jerry Bullard

    Editors Note: Jerry just wrote to tell us he’s won his first Telly Award thanks to the course. Way to go!

    “Our company has been in the corporate video business since 1971 and I am very impressed with your course.” – Jim Wheless

  • Online Store Visit our store for Money-Saving Specials on the books, videos and other products to advance your career and help you make better, more profitable videos.
  • 50 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Video Business Excerpts from this amazing nine-page special report that will help you start or expand your video business. To get the full report by email, just fill out the request form.
  • Helpful Video Links Associations, Guilds, Movie Studios, Trade Shows, TV Networks Video and Audio Manufacturers and Vendors, Find the Sunrise/sunset times for any city in the U.S., 1200 Public Access Stations in the U.S. where you can produce your first TV show, a giant list of film and video festivals. Copyright Myths You Need to Know, Lens Field of View Online Calculator, Carnet for International Travel with Video Equipment. Also includes Internet Video Tools to help you make and watch video on the net You’ll also find video camera views all around the US and the world
  • Video Services We offer video services such as transferring videotape, film and photos to DVD. In addition we produce highly effective business videos for the web, DVD and other uses. From script to screen, we are an award-winning production company serving small businesses, corporations and non-profits.
  • The General Reference Desk helps you look up anything you need to know about Language including a terrific online translation service, People, Maps, Encyclopedias, Telephone, Financial, Shipping and the Declaration of Independence

My goal is to provide the most useful and entertaining information on the subject of video. I welcome your feedback and suggestions. Send Email

  • Forbes Magazine calls VideoUniversity one of the best business-to-business sites for digital video production.
    Videography Magazine's
    "Website of the Month" Award
    PC Magazine Online "Best Desktop Video Site" Award
    CyberFilm School's "FOUR STAR" Award