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The biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy. – Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990)

Can’t Find It? Try Amazon

I’ve been a regular customer at Amazon since the beginning. Now they carry an amazing selection of video gear. And an easy way to search. Great prices on video cameras and accessories as well as a solid guarantee. Browse the Amazon Video Store.

The Point Of View (POV) Shot Is A Great One To Build Suspense

Simply put, this shot is what the character sees. When you see a character looking at something, you must deliver the goods and show the audience what that character is looking at. That’s the POV shot. If you don’t deliver the goods, you may as well turn off the video because your audience will no longer suspend disbelief. The audience needs to see it and that makes it a great way to build suspense. You can stretch it out so you hold a little longer on the character before showing what he is seeing with the POV. Don’t hold it too long, just enough to tease.

You must also keep continuity with your angles. If the POV shot is looking down, then when you shoot the character looking, you must shoot from a low angle looking up at the character.

Professional Video Producer
Start part-time or full-time in this lucrative and satisfying work. Earn the respect of small businesses, corporations and non-profits who rely on your expertise. This is an amazing adventure and the best way to pay for your video equipment! And a lot more. My home study course shows you how to start a successful home-based business producing corporate videos the right way. Discover the possibilities.

Buying Or Selling Used Video Gear?

Some people make quite a business of this. At the very least, it’s probably time to get rid of that gear you haven’t used in over a year. Unlike wine and antiques, video gear does not become more valuable with time. The VU Forum Trading Post is a great place to buy and sell. It’s just $25 a year which gives you access to all of the VideoUniversity Forums. And there’s no commission to pay. Join Here Money back if not satisfied.

Videotape Legal Depositions for $60 ”“ $100 an hour with a 2 ”“ 4 hour minimum. If your schedule is flexible, this can be an ideal full or part-time business which requires only basic equipment. Read more.

Do Your Clients Need Web Services?

Some surveys estimate that nearly 70 percent of small businesses still don’t have a web site. Before they need a video, they really should have their own web site. You can do both.

A web design business can be the perfect compliment to a video production

business. The same customers, recurring income, off-the-shelf designs and

plugins are some of the advantages to this business. Read more.

Start Your Own Duplication and Transfer Business

See why you should offer these services to your customers. Great business builders!

Read more.

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