How to Video Chat in Gmail

Gmail from Google is one of the most popular email services today. It is one of the best at for reliability and for stopping spam. Gmail also has an instant messaging program called Gchat. This is an instant messaging program. You can communicate to other Gmail users in real time. Gchat will also enable video messaging in real time.

First you need a webcam. If the webcam is used with another program, you must close that program before Gchat can be used to videochat.

Then get a free Gmail account at Log on to your Gmail account with your username and password. Look in the upper right for the “Setting” link. Click “chat.”

Gmail will ask you to download and install the Gmail voice and video plug-in. Do this and follow the instructions. After you’ve installed the plug-in, close your browser. Open the browser again and go to the Gmail page. After you log in, you will be able to video chat. To check that this is so, look for your name in the Gchat contact list. If there is camera icon next to your name, you are ready to video chat.

To video chat you will need to find another person who has that same camera icon next to their name. Start a conversation with them. Click the “Video and More” option on the chat window. Follow the instructions for beginning a videochat. That’s all there is to it!

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