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Wedding Videographers Dissed

In a new print and online ad from Epson, the printer company is aiming at wedding photographers. Quoted from the ad:

“You tune out traffic and tourists.
Keep one eye on a five-foot long train.
Dodge videographers and hot dog carts.
Charm well-meaning Moms.
Corral 11 rowdy groomsmen.
And 10 excited bridesmaids.

Just to get one shot.”
I’m sure Epson did not mean to insult any of their customers, but videographers are dissed in the ad. A lot of videographers use the Epson printers to print DVDs. Wedding videographers have long fought to win the same respect enjoyed by wedding photographers.

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15 thoughts on “Wedding Videographers Dissed

  1. Ron Dawson

    I don’t think the marketing peeps at Epson were thinking this ad all the way through, especially given the number of Videogs who use Epson. Will be interesting to see if they respond.

  2. Philip

    What were they thinking. Almost every videographer has an Epson printer for printing their DVDs since there are few printers that can do this. When my flaky Epson R380 dies I will be seeking a different alternative from HP or Canon. No more Epson for me till they change their minds.

    Thanks for printing this Videouniversity.

  3. David Rennie

    Very disappointing that Epson would not take more care in creating this add. I have three Epson printers but can tell you HP or Canon will be getting my business in the future. Nothing against hotdog vendors, but to make such a statement to compare us in such a manner or suggest we are a hinderance to wedding day is upsetting to say the least.

  4. Steve Moses

    I agree Ron. Our industry is constantly taking a step forward and then a half step backwards in the PR department. I have been a event filmmaker since 1982 & I swear the negative perception hasn’t changed in some ways since then. When a company like Epson makes this flippant remark about videographers it certainly doesn’t help. Shame on you Epson

  5. Allan Goldberg

    I’m with Philip on this one. I’ve had three Epson inkjet printers and one HP. One of the Epsons was my standard printer for case covers and for DVDs (up to 150 for one job). The HP can do DVDs also, but is on a different computer. I have been looking to buy another Epson…until this thoughtless slap in the face. Canon has a model that will print on DVDs and is said to be cheaper on ink. Thanks, Epson, for making me take a look at your competitors. Smart marketing.

  6. Natty

    Very sad, maddening and infuriating! Another hit on our industry, from people who take our money on a regular. I too own two epsons and am apalled at their lack of foresight and knowledge of the world we work in.

    And like someone said, they didn’t think it was tacky to have their “professional” photographer in a tee-shirt either.

    Thanks for pointing this out Ron and I sure do hope someone is paying attention.

  7. chahat balana

    Very sad, maddening and infuriating! Another hit on our industry, from people who take our money on a regular. I too own two epsons and am apalled at their lack of foresight and knowledge of the world we work in

  8. Ian McNaughton

    Once a word has been spoken it is gone forever – much too late Epson for an apology. Iwill circulate this story to all our video user group members – including 3 full-time pro videographers. I’m sure like me, another 28 videographers will never look at Epson again.
    It would nonetheless be interesting to see if Epson come out with a comment of any kind or sinply play ostrich.

  9. Rick Mitchell

    I’ve been shooting video for 17 years and have been using epson printers to print DVD’s, DVD covers, business cards, photos, etc. When you read articles in bridal magazines about wedding planning, seldom do you hear any mention of videography. Well I guess we videogs just got all the attention we were looking for by being portrayed as an object that stands in the way of the Professional Photographers. Maybe I should just sell hot dogs on the street.

    Thanks Epson.

  10. Brandon

    I personally think they’ve missed out on a huge opportunity, especially sense DSLR cameras are becoming a bit of Digital Video. With all the people really getting into using video cameras and having the ability to take still photos with the same video camera at the same time, Epson really missed out with its marketing strategy. Oh well, Not my loss, maybe HP or canon will pickup where Epson failed.

  11. Mark O'Brien

    “You dodge not one but TWO photographers standing in your shot. One of them is eating a hot dog.”

    Yea, the ‘Pro’ photographer in the ad is wearing a T-shirt to the gig. Oops. I don’t think the agency team that created the ad was trying to offend anyone. It’s a pretty stupid ad, really and shows Epson’s disconnect even with photographers! I used to write ad copy, and these things are not a reflection of reality (I hope we all know this). They are trying to be cool, hip and cleaver and sell printers and ink. With only around 36% of weddings being videotaped professionally and nearly 100% being professionally photographed (the last numbers I saw), they lumped pro videographers in with…hot dog vendors. Cannon or HP should put out a savvy print ad that treats BOTH photographers and videographers with the respect they deserve.

  12. Steve

    I do not think Epson will care anyway. If all videographers quit buying their printer it is still a drop in the bucket to the photographers buying their ink! The printer is just the means to distribute their real product… ink. It’s true anyways, photographers are always in the view finder not watching where they are going:)

  13. Will

    Agreed, Steve. Not only are we being dissed by Epson, but by the photographers also. Evidently our job is not as important as theirs, even though it’s harder and more expensive to do. How many of you has had one (photographer and the brides cousin) just come and stand right in front of you as though the WE are the ones in the way? Thanks Epson, for reminding me why I’m getting out of weddings.

  14. Cathy Steffan

    No one should be buying epson ink from retail or web stores. We have a company here in Orange County that sells an awesome ink system that hooks-up easily to an epson printer. lasts a long time and with 6 full ink containers costs…$85!!! Works great!

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