Advanced Cinematography Instruction Instant Download



Advanced Cinematography Instruction

Advanced Cinematography Instruction

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Give a Hollywood cinematographer just a room, two actors sitting at a table, a few lights and a $300 camera. And then ask him to make it first look funny, then scary, then sad, and finally dramatic. Sit back and watch how the magic happens.

Advanced Cinematography Instruction
That’s what this video does. We asked Brad, the cinematographer to explain on camera how he did each assignment and why he choose certain elements to make the scenes looks so different. We asked him about each camera and lighting decision because we wanted to know exactly how these great-looking scenes were created with such simple gear. He showed us exactly how to do it.

Master Cinematography

Advanced Cinematography Instruction
You can’t just rent a RED camera or an Arri, and hire an army of people and gear. There’s a lot more to terrific-looking cinematography than the camera and gear. It’s the person behind the camera.

Come behind the scenes to see for yourself how this magic is created. Learn how to make your shots look the way you want them look. Get to the heart of the matter of how to create great video. This HD film is available for instant downloading.
Advanced Cinematography Instruction

You will see how it was done. How he used the same actor in the same chair, but came up with ten very different looks simply by using professional camera and lighting techniques.

Most of all, you, too, will learn how to create a wide range of powerful Hollywood-quality looks with any inexpensive camera, a few lights and a little bit of gear. This video will help you shoot any kind of video project, whether it’s for marketing, education, nonprofit, entertainment, training or a personal film. This advanced cinematography instruction will help you earn a raise in your rates and win better jobs.
No one has to know you’ve studied this video. You can take all the credit for your work.

About Brad Rushing

Brad Rushing is a cinematographer in Los Angeles. His cinematography credits include many commercials, music videos and several memorable feature films such as “Cook County.” In 2002 Brad won an MTV Video Music Award for Best Cinematography with Moby’s “We Are All Made of Stars.” Brad is represented by Montana Artists.

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