Video and Film Distributors

Editor’s Note: I’ve tried to make this a list of real distributors as opposed to resellers or catalog companies, but the line sometimes blurs. I’ve excluded some companies that in my experience are not reputable. I’d appreciate your feedback to help make this list useful to producers. –Hal Landen

Attn: Producers, Publishers, Distributors

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411 Video Information PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953, Call (831) 656-0553 CONTACT Leslie McClure Marketing, consulting, and publicity for independent producers of special interest video. Over 15 years of experience. Product exposure through varied distribution channels, domestic and international.

ArtMattan Productions Films from Africa and the African Diaspora. We have also films from Latin America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Allied Video Corporation – educational videos, software, and CD-ROMs in math, science, music, and sports.

Amish Country VideosAkron, Ohio – An Amish Country Adventure, Amish Values & Virtues,

An Amish Barn Raising, A Train Ride thru Amish Country, Amanda’s AmishKitchen

Appalshop Film & Video

306 Madison Street, Whitesburg, KY 41858 606.633.0108

A nonprofit media cooperative located in the coalfields of Southeastern Kentucky dedicated to the preservation of Appalachian lifestyles and culture.

Arab Film DistributionArab feature films and documentaries. 4022 Stone Way N. Seattle, WA 98103 Phone 206.547.4687

Ark Media Group, Ltd. 425 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 Phone 415.863.7200 CONTACT Allan Kessler

Ark Media Group is a distributor of visual music, nature, wellness videos, and CD-ROMs to the gift trade.

Art Metropole 788 King Street West, Toronto CANADA M5V IN6 Phone 416.703.4400 CONTACT dave dyment. Art Metropole publishes and retails artist’s videos to a home and library market.

Bay Area Graffiti – graffiti videos.

Bennett Marine Video supplier of marine and outdoor instructional videos for recreational enthusiasts featuring more than 1,000 programs on boating, sailing, GPS, navigation, cruising and fishing.

Big Kids Productions This is an children’s DVD distributor with ties to school libraries and other sources and may be very helpful to producers with projects that are family friendly.

Big World Media Videos and training tools cross-cultural, diversity and international business topics for businesses, universities and schools.

Bullfrog Films – sales, rental, public performance, televison, closed-circuit, duplication licenses available.

California Newsreel Films and Videos for socail change including many African-American titles. Non-Profit organization, 500 Third Street #505, San Francisco, CA 94107, Phone 415-284-7800, Fax 415-284-7801

Choices, Inc specialty distributor of quality documentaries, educational programming, and feature films. Choices, Inc., 3740 Overland Ave. Ste. F, Los Angeles CA 90034 Phone: (310) 839-1500, Fax: (310) 839-1511

Contemporary Arts Media Pty Ltd We supply to thousands of schools, universities and other educational and professional training institutions from all over the world in the following categories:Theater, Dance, Visual Arts, Media, Photography, Language and Literature, Communication and Culture, Music, Healing Arts. Contemporary Arts Media, PO Box 245, South Fremantle, Western Australia 6162

Children’s Christian Videos Collegeville, Pa – Guiding Light Video Markets Children’s Christian Videos

Christy Lane Enterprises

Palm Springs, CA – Produce and Distribute Dance Instructional Videos

The Cinema Guild

New York, NY We are glad to consider film or video programs, of any type or length from a ten-minute animated or live action short, a half-hour educational film, a one-hour documentary, a feature-length narrative or documentary film, or a TV series.

Collective Eye Films Educational documentaries

Discovery Education Another spin-off from the Discovery Channel. Specialize in titles for K-12. They are a major player.

Documentary Educational Resources Documentary Educational Resources, 101 Morse Street, Watertown, MA 02472. One of the oldest documentary distributors in the US. Over 700 titles, non-profit. They also offer low-cost workshops in documentary film and funding strategies for independent filmmakers.

Ergo Media Inc.

Jewish Video and Films. Over 300 titles including children’s videos, documentaries, “how-to” videos, Israeli and Yiddish film classics, educational programs and music/art videos. All films are either in English or subtitled in English.

Ethnoscope Film & Video – I’m looking for excellent”multicultural” videos on traditional music and culture – broadly defined! PO Box 92353 Rochester, NY 14692

Fanlight ProductionsHarriman, NY Distributes films and videos on social issues including health care, mental health, professional ethics, aging and gerontology, the workplace, gender and family issues.

Filmmakers Library Educational and documentaries.

First Run Features Documentary distributor

GOOD DOCS Educational distribution company based in Los Angeles

Guerilla Films, dictionary definition: “an irregular body of men acting independently”. This best describes Guerilla Films except we are also women. Independent UK producer/distributor of indy features.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt educational and trade publisher.

Icarus Films distributes documentary films.

Impact Video Distributors

Extreme Sports Videos

Kino Lorbe Documentaries and more.

Live Wire Media – K-12 classroom in the areas of character education, guidance, and life skills.

Janson Associates Television & Video – documentaries, children’s and special interest programs.

Kultur & White Star Video

– opera, classical, comedy, documentary, jazz, ballet, art and many more.

Melbay Publications Music books, CDs and DVDs for musicians

Media Education Foundation

Nonprofit producer and distributor of films used widely in academia and with a strong reputation amongst professors and media librarians.

Moving Images Distribution

– social issues, Canadian history, environment, native culture, fine arts.

NCircle Entertainment distributor of educational DVDs for children

NEST Family EntertainmentDuncanville, TX – NEST Entertainment. Christian animated videos.

New Day Films

– a cooperative of more than 50 filmmakers offering independent films and videos on social issues.

Penn State Media Sales – specializes in psychology, anthropology, and

education videos.

Quality Books Inc. (Not to be confused with another web site with nearly identical web address) 1003 W. Pines Road, Oregon, IL 61061-9680 Phone 815-732-4450 Contact Carolyn Dawson. They specialize in distributing NEW non-fiction books AND videos to libraries. They did a nice job distributing my book Marketing With Digital Video. Currently seeking videos on these topics: Kids, Spanish, and travel. At their web site is also an “Information For Publishers” which explains what they want in a book or video.

Richter Productions

– 330 West 42nd Street, New York NY 10036 Richter Productions is a small independent distributor of documentaries encompassing the work of Robert Richter and others. Included are Academy Award nominated documentaries, others cited by the Academy as among the “best documentaries” of the year of their release, duPont Columbia Broadcast Journalism Award winning documentaries.

Solid Entertainment – They started with eight natural history documentaries produced for The Discovery Channel. Now they include all genres of documentaries: current affairs, historical, military, social, human adventure, science, technology, and wildlife. They specialize is selling documentaries to the worlwide broadcast markets.

Chip Taylor Communications

Derry, NH Wide variety of educational titles.

THA Media Video Distributors – full-service video distributor serving the television, educational and home video markets.

TMW Media Group Educational programs for schools. 2321 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Suite 101

Venice, CA, 90291, 310 577 8581

The Video Project

We are the exclusive or primary distributor for most of the programs in our collection, as well as a major distributor for the productions of national environmental organization such as the National Wildlife Federation, Marine Mammal Fund, League of Women Voters, Union of Concerned Scientist and Zero Population Growth, among others.

Whitehorse Press

More than 1,500 motorcycling books, videos, maps, t-shirts, posters, tools & accessories.

P.O. Box 60, North Conway, NH 03860-0060

Women Make Movies

nation’s largest distributor of films and videos by and about women. The site contains their catalog of almost 500 films and a comprehensive listing of links on women and film and resources for women filmmakers.

The Really Big Time Distributors

(Even if you’re not ready for the big time, there’s some great eye-candy here.)

Disney Studios, Hollywood

MGM Studios MGM

Miramax, Hollywood

NBC Universal Hollywood

Warner Brothers Major Hollywood distributor

Paramount, Hollywood

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., including CNN interactive

Universal Pictures, Hollywood