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Why Scan Photos?

Photos can easily become damaged, torn, dusty, faded and worse. Your family photographs are a window to the past. This is your life, your family history. We help families and businesses RI and Southcoast MA preserve and organize their treasured photo memories and files for generations to come. We can also use your digitized photographs to create moving videos for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and funerals or memorial services. Just like Ken Burns.

How We Scan Photos And Preserve Your Family History

Our personalized service specializes in preserving and organizing your photographs. Then after we have scanned them into a digital format, it’s easy to organize them so they won’t be hard to find. We’ll show you the tricks. Are your photos in an album? No problem! We’ll carefully remove the photos from each album to first scan them, then put the photos back in the album. It couldn’t be any easier! After we digitize your photos, you can easily share them with relatives or friends without danger of losing them.

We’re Local – No Shipping Your Photos

We scan your photos right here in Bristol so you don’t have to risk sending your precious photos out of the area. We’ll come to your home or you can make an appointment to come to us. Just call (401) 253 2800.

    1. 600 DPI on professional scanners. This high resolution allows 2x enlargement.
    1. Dust removal, cleaning and orientation
    1. We save your photos on a Thumb Drive, a DVD Data Disk or on a hard drive. Or just about any digital form you would like.
    1. We can scan both sides of your photos so any writing on the back is saved.

Scanning Your Photos is Just the Beginning

With the scanned photos, we can help you organize them and much more. This is a perfect time to install the photos in a Digital Photo Frame. Some of these digital picture frames even have a Motion Sensor. Or let us produce a documentary film about your family life. A slideshow with music can be a wonderful thing to do with your special photos. I can also help you backup and organize your photos using Google Photos. The first step is for us to scan your photos. Please call today. 401 253 2800.

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