Camcorder Reviews by Users

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Canon 5D Mark II
A DSLR with some famous credits

Canon EOS 550D Rebel T2i
Like the Canon 5D, but a lot less expensive

Canon EOS 60D
First with articulated LCD screen

Canon 70D
Extended ISO and recording time, real autofocus.

Nikon D850
4K full frame, 120 fps in HD. Excellent still camera.

Panasonic GH2
Micro Four Thirds with great features.

Panasonic GH3
Many new pro video features.

Panasonic GH4
Shoots 4K Video.

Panasonic GH5
Shoots 4K, excellent audio features, 60 fps.

Panasonic G7
Shoots 4K Video, less expensive than the GH4 and has less noise.

Tapeless HD Camcorders

Canon XA-11 XLR inputs, 20x optical lens, EVF viewfinder. and LED touch screen, dual memory card slots.

Panasonic HMC-40
The Panasonic HMC-40 is a AVCHD camcorder with three 1/4 inch CMOS sensors.

Sony PMW-EX1
Records to two memory card slots.

Sony NEX EA50
Large sensor, interchangeable lenses, shoulder mount.

4K Camcorders

Sony 4K Prosumer Camcorder FDR-AX1E
$4,500 for 4K

Canon XC10
4K hybrid $2500

Panasonic 4K Cameras WX970, WX 870, and WX770 Shoot 4K, HDR Video and 1080 at 240fps, $1000

Panasonic DVX200 4K. First 4k documentary camera with large Micro 4/3 Sensor with 12 stops Dynamic Range and a fixed lens.

DJI Osmo 4K Cam has Built-In Hand Held Gimbal and shoots 120 fps.

Sony A7 III 4K HDR, 120 fps at 1080p. Low light. ISO of 204,800!

Standard Definition

Canon XL 1
Popular for its interchangable lenses and unusual design. No longer in production, but available used.

Many pro features in this JVC camera which has three 1/2″ Sony CCDs. No longer in production.

Sony VX 1000
The camera that started the DV revolution.

Sony VX-2000
Replaced the VX1000, this time with superior low light performance.

Sony DSR PD 170
The best low light performer in SD.

HDV or High Definition recorded on Mini DV

HDV, excellent in low light. Some call it the HDV VX 1000.

The pro version of the FX1.

Just one chip, but this was the first HDV camcorder.

Sony FX7
HDV 3 CMOS camcorder which features 1080i HD, not great in low light.

Sony HDR-FX1000 and HDR-FX1000E
HDV 3 CMOS camcorder

Sony HVRZ7U and Sony HVRS270U
Professional HDV camcorder shoots 1080p, either 24p or 30p. Can record to CompactFlash solid-state memory card, while simultaneously recording to tape.

Cheapest Camcorders

GoPro3 Hero+ Camera
1080p60, 120 frames a second and many other improvements over previous versions.

GoProHD Camera
Miniature, full auto only, used for sports, aerial work, and weddings.

FLIP Camera
Inexpensive HD, very simple to use, few features.

Sony AS100 POV Camera
Very Similar to GoPro Hero3+, but with some superior features.

Go Pro Hero
Waterproof Case, 1080p30 and 720p60 video, Built-in Microphone.

Super 8 Film Cameras

Logmar Super 8 Film Camera
First new Super 8 camera in 30 years features XLR audio, precise registration, variable frame rates, records on standard film cassette, wider frame, C-mount lenses.