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We transfer slides in Bristol, RI.

Why send your precious slides out of state to a nameless box store? We are just a short ride from Providence, RI or nearby Southcoast MA. We’ll scan your slides at 1250 dpi and deliver either jpg or tiff files. If you don’t know the difference, just ask and we’ll be glad to explain and help you choose.

  • 1250 dpi (or higher) professional scanners
  • If you have carousels, we’ll unload the carousels and reload them.
  • We do light Photoshop enhancement and clean-up
  • We number and order your slides.

We’ll handle your slides with care because these are your important family memories. We earn your trust. We transfer slides onto a DVD Data disk or a USB drive whichever digital storage medium you prefer. After we transfer slides, we can also upload them to your Dropbox or other cloud account.

How to Start and Transfer Slides

Collect all the slides you might want transferred to digital. Give us the whole bunch or sort through them and choose just the ones you want transferred. It’s a lot easier to sort them on your computer after they have been digitized than trying to view the small slides, but either way is fine.

If you have loose slides, here’s a trick to count them. Stack them up. Then measure how tall the stack is. One inch is about 20 slides. Or if they are in original Kodak slide boxes, each box holds approximately 20 slides. The slots in Carousels are usually numbered. Some hold 80 slides and others up to 140 slides. In addition your slides may be in slide magazines, cardboard or metal cases.

However you give them to us, we promise to handle them carefully.

After we’ve digitized your slides, you’ll probably want to sort them on the computer. We can show you some easy ways to do that. We’ll be glad to help.

Now that they are digitized, the transfer slides are easy to share with friends and family. You could put them in a digital picture frame. We can also make a video slide show with music which your family can watch on TV.

Call us at 401 253 2800.

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