Film Transfer to DVD

Are your valuable movie memories piled in a box? Don’t let those treasured family gems turn to dust and disappear forever! Let us convert them to long-lasting DVDs! Our film capture systems provide flicker free, edge to edge clarity that is frame accurate. When we receive your films we do the following:

  1. Log each reel into a project database. We record as much information as possible (date, title, anything we can read).
  2. Inspect and clean the film. Every reel of film is inspected for damage (rips, bad splices) and repaired. We then apply a non-abrasive cleaning solution that not only removes years of gunk, but also restores the film to a pliable condition so that it will run smoothly through our projection system.
  3. Sequence the reels. We put them into date order, as long as we can find or read the date. If you have already numbered the reels, we will use that ordering scheme.

Everything you give to us – canisters, reels, boxes – are returned to you, along with your cleaned film on the master reels. Once the film is transferred onto our editing system we do the following:

  1. Edit out blank or poor quality footage. Anything that is considered “un-viewable”, such as over-exposed, totally black or totally white, or extremely blurry footage is removed during the editing process. As a rule, we try to edit very cautiously – if we can make out a face or scene we will leave it in. Chances are you or someone else will recognize that portion of the footage!
  2. Perform basic brightness/contrast adjustments. We see quite a bit of footage that is very dark or very washed out. We will do our best to improve the quality of the footage, but it is a difficult process.

Please remember that film recording back in those days was much cruder than the amazing technology we have today, so the quality of the footage is going to be what it is. We can perform only so many miracles!


REEL SIZE # OF FEET VIEWING TIME 8MM/SUPER 8 ($.20/ft) 16MM ($.22/ft)















$10.00 ea.

$20.00 ea.

$40.00 ea.

$60.00 ea.

$80.00 ea.

$11.00 ea.

$22.00 ea.

$44.00 ea.

$66.00 ea.

$88.00 ea.

Minimum Charge For A Transfer Project Is $19.95

DVD transfers include:

  • DVD with title printed on disc face
  • DVD case with color sleeve and titles printed on back
  • Chapter points inserted at 5 minute intervals
  • In order to produce the highest quality output, we transfer a maximum of TWO hours of footage onto VHS tape or DVD.
  • While we take every precaution to protect and preserve your films, we cannot assume responsibility for film that is given to us in poor condition.
  • As an extra service to our customers (at no charge, of course) we keep an archive copy of your project on file in the event you ever need additional or replacement copies.

A Family History Video

We now offer video history and biography documentaries. Your films and videos can be used as part of a video documentary of your life and your family’s life. For more details, discover our video biography and history services.

We can pick up and drop off in Bristol. We are located at:

Oak Tree Press

9 King Philip Ave

Bristol, Rhode Island 02809

(401) 253-2800


Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm

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