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Video Business Plan
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Here’s What You Get: an electronic file that includes the 57 pages of plans and spreadsheets.

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Every video business starts with an idea. No matter what that idea is, a well thought out business plan is what helps turn that idea into a reality.

It’s a common misconception that business plans are written for the sole purpose of obtaining financing.

Not true at all.

The most important reason for writing a business plan should be that it is an important tool for your success!

Look at it this way. When you get in your car, you generally have a destination in mind.

When you go on vacation, it’s usually budgeted and planned long before you go.

When you shoot a complicated video, you’re careful to work with a script and shot notes that have been carefully plotted beforehand.

Going into the video business, or taking your business to the next level, takes just as much –or even more –preparation.

Over the past couple decades, I’ve met a lot of people in this business. Some have made it big-time. Others have not. What’s the difference between success and failure? Clearly defined, well-written goals and objectives!

Having clear and well-written business goals for your videography business give you seven immediate benefits. They

1. Organize your objectives:
2. Help you determine your strategies to accomplish those objectives;
3. Guide you in setting your priorities;
4. Help you develop your schedules and timetables;
5. Clarify activities and help you delegate responsibilities;
6. Help you anticipate problems and create solutions; and
7. Make you set your financial guidelines and goals.

But where to start? If you go to a marketing consultant or writer-like me-you’re going to get charged at least two grand-and probably more-for a custom business plan. (Hey-they take a lot of time to research and write; I’ve been paid up to $15,000 for a pretty complete business plan!) An online search for “video business plans” turns up any collection of pricey boilerplate titles that promise a lot and won’t work well for you. Trust me on this one; I’ve spent hundreds of dollars searching for a good example and coming up empty-handed… until now, that is.

Recently, we acquired a complete and comprehensive business plan for one of our friends’ videography business. And this isn’t a ‘sample’ plan put together by a marketing consultant who knows nothing about the video industry! It’s a full-length ACTUAL marketing plan that my friend Eric Blissmer wrote and uses on a regular basis to tune, tame and aim his own video business. And… it’s one that with a few changes, you can modify and use as a guideline for your own video production enterprise!

Don’t pay big bucks you can’t afford for a custom plan; and don’t spend money on a template that will leave you scratching your head; or don’t spend excess time trying to learn how to use that “easy-to-use business plan software” that costs much more and delivers much less. Just take our Video Business Plan and plug in your own personal and area data. It’ll just take a couple of hours and you’ll have a very valuable tool to help build your profits and the future of your business!

The Video Producers’ Business Plan includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Mission Statement
  • Trends
  • Products and Services Description
  • Competition
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Demographics
  • Advertising
  • Costs
  • Forecasts
  • Conclusion

And There’s Much More Included, Too!

First off, we’ll include a sample “Bank Evaluation Form” -this is the actual (and closely-guarded) internal bank form that loan officers use to evaluate your loan worthiness.

We’ll also include a complete Business Startup Spread Sheet, a Profit and Loss Spread Sheet, Balance and Cash Flow Spread Sheets (.xls files)-all of which can be used to plot your own financial course and keep you on track in the months ahead. Great tools and easy-to-use.

This is the road map to your success in your videography business!

By writing out all of your plans, you’ve got something in print to strive for, and written goals to accomplish. You may not follow your Business Plan exactly, and may not even come close to hitting all your projections, but at least you’re not just wandering around with no game plan, just waiting for work to fall into your lap. I highly recommend having your own Business Plan, if for nothing else than to map things out and write down where you want to be in the next few years. Then, don’t just put it in a file cabinet somewhere; you need to READ it once in awhile. I look mine over and make changes every couple of months. I adjust my projections and make notes on how certain products have been selling, and make those fine changes that’ll keep me on track. If I find a new way to market something that works well, I write it in there; and if I find something is just wasting me time and money-I scrap it.

If you’re just starting out, the Video Production Business Plan is the first step towards building a successful future. If you’re looking for financing to expand your business, the Video Production Business Plan is a “must” to show lenders that you’ve got it together; and if you’re really serious about taking your business to the next level, it’ll provide you with both a roadmap and the inspiration you need to keep on growing. Of course, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied with the Business Plan, just let us know; your purchase will be refunded in full, with no questions asked. 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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