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Start Your Own Video Transfer Business

The video transfer businesses are a natural for anyone who produces videos. You probably already own most of the equipment. Why not turn it into profit? And if you don’t own the equipment, this is a low cost business to start. And you can outsource the work. Transferring photos, slides and all kinds of film to DVD, USB drives and the Cloud is a bigger business than you may realize. There’s a reason CVS, Walgreen’s and every other chain offers these services. Because there’s a lot of money in it! But you have many advantages over the corporations – you’re local; you care ... Keep reading >

April 6, 2010 | Business of Video, Jobs | | Comments

Getting Government Contracts for the Small Video Production Company

You will be amazed at how many videos the US Government produces every year. A substantial number of them are produced by independent producers just like you. You paid your taxes. Isn’t it time you got some of that money back? Discover how to become a government pre-approved production company.... Keep reading >

Finding the Right Video Business

by Hal Landen Related Articles • Wedding Video For Profit • Professional Video Producer •The Legal Video Specialist Business Kit More Related Articles • Video History Biography Business Kit • Secrets of Producing and Selling Successful Videos • Letters of Agreement for Ambitious Video Producers • Start Your Own Video Transfer Business • More Profitable […]... Keep reading >

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