How to Upload a Video File to Wikipedia

First you need to create a free account at Just go to the main page and in the upper right, click on Create Account. Provide a username and password. When completed, your username appears at the top of the page.

To upload a video to Wikipedia, choose a free Ogg Theora converter. This is format that is required by Wikipedia. These converters are easy to find on the Internet. Here is an online converter:

Here are some converters you download:

Convert your video to the Ogg Theora format using one of the techniques above. Name the new file with a descriptive title. Descriptive titles are more likely to be viewed. After you have uploaded it to Wikipedia, you cannot change the name. So do it now.

Write a brief description of your video. Here is some other information you will be asked.

Description – What does the viewer see and hear in this video. Use the words “fair use” or other copyright information to describe the use of the video.

Source – Is the video self made? Or is it from a website? If from a website, include the URL.

Date – When did you produce or release this video.

Author – First and last name of the producer.

Permission – Short statement giving permission to post the video on Wikipedia. e.g. I (we) grant permission to post this video on Wikipedia.

Other Versions – If other versions of this video on Wikipedia


Sign in to your new Wikipedia account. Click on the Upload File link on the left of the main page. Read and complete the legal disclaimer information on the upload page. Otherwise your video will be deleted without warning.

Click on the Browse button to find the video on your computer. When you’ve selected, click OK. When you have completed the form, click on the Upload File button. Your video will be uploaded. You cannot make changes until the upload is completed. When the upload is completed you can edit and make some changes.