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Audio for Video — Part 1 Tape Formats and Hardware

Audio for Video — Part 1 Tape Formats and Hardware... Keep reading >

Audio For Video – Part 2 Microphones & Techniques

There are very few things that sound worse than the built-in microphone included with most camcorders. These mics seem to pick up more background noise than good sound. Apparently, manufacturers think buyers don't care because built-in microphones haven't changed much in 10 years. What's worse, several camcorders today don't even have a jack to plug in an external microphone! By using an external microphone to record your sound, you can dramatically improve audio quality while adding professionalism to your videos.... Keep reading >

Audio For Video – Part 3 Audio Production Techniques

Regardless of how polished your finished video is, nothing can influence your viewer's mood and acceptance of that video more than a professional soundtrack. In the past, professional audio could only be produced at major recording studios. With the advent of low-cost pro audio tools and computer-based audio production, you now have the power to produce anything the big boys can at a fraction of the price.

In this section we will look at audio production techniques you can use to produce professional soundtracks, narration and sound effects.


Nothing sets the mood ... Keep reading >

A Short Course in Wedding Audio

The practical requirements for recording audio during a wedding shoot, plus a bit about what to do with your audio during the edit.... Keep reading >

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The Amazing iRiver Recorder

By Mark Foley and Doug Graham iRiver is a company that makes solid state MP3 players, similar to the Apple iPod. The reason that videographers are interested in these players is that the iFP 7xx and 8xx models will accept an external microphone connected to their Line In jack. (NOTE: The newer T10 and […]... Keep reading >

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