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Protect Videos

Protecting Video From Manipulation

Protect Videos

Video from security cameras, body cams and many other sources is important evidence for law enforcement.

But this once sacrosanct medium is easily manipulated. Right now you can download free software that uses machine learning to perform a convincing digital video face-swap. See Changing Faces.This free software utilizes deep learning to recognize and swap faces in pictures and videos. And the software is getting better.

This presents a real problem for legal matters. Is the video true or false?
There’s a new tool that can tell for sure. It’s called Amber Authenticate./ The application runs in the background on any video capturing device. At regular intervals, it generates “hashes” which are cryptographically scrambled representations of the video data. These hashes are indelibly recorded on a public blockchain. If you run that same video clip through the algorithm again, the hashes will be different if anything has changed in the file’s audio or video data—tipping you off to possible manipulation.

The interval between hashes is a critical aspect of the technology. If, for instance, you set the interval to every second on a small business surveillance camera that would be overkill. But if the interval were set to every 30 seconds on a police body camera, there is too much that could be changed to mislead people. So the operator must choose the interval carefully.

When a video is entered into evidence it’s really hard to say what’s a fake. Just look at computer generated imagery in feature films. It’s pretty hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. Detection is not a sure thing. But with Amber Authenticate either the hash matches or it doesn’t, and it’s all publicly verifiable through the blockchain.
The technology has attracted the interest of the Department of Homeland Security and many others.

Amber Authenticate is built on the open-source blockchain platform Ethereum. It includes a web platform that makes it visually simple to determine if a video clip has been manipulated. A green frame appears around footage that matches its hashes. A red frame appears around any part that does not match the hash. Amber Authenticate also shows a detailed audit trail that lists when a file was originally created, uploaded, hashed, and submitted to the blockchain.

Now it’s up to manufacturer’s of security cameras and body cams to license the technology and install it on their video devices.

Scanning Art Object

Scanning the Original Tomb of Tutankhamun

Scanning Art Object

This company operates a Renaissance-type workshop, but uses 21st century tools. They scan original ancient art objects like the original tomb of Tutankhamen. Then they print it with 3D printers.

These copies are better than the originals. You can see the surface of the tomb better in the digital files than you can see with the naked eye on site. You can keep zooming in, so it’s like a doctor using a microscope.

Instant Replay 115 Cameras

Instant Replay 115 Cameras

Instant Replay 115 Cameras

At Sunday’s Super Bowl in Atlanta, CBS Sports has 115 cameras, including three SkyCams flying through the air, and 28 others squeezed into the pylons marking the edges of the end zones. As CBS’s Ken Aagaard said “You get these definitive shots right here on the sideline, all the way down to the 10 yard line…There isn’t a square inch on this field that we do not have covered.”

Replay producer Ryan Galvin knows that for every play he had just three seconds to choose which of those camera angles to air as an instant replay. There’s a digital tape machine for every camera. And each one has a name like leopard, Charlie, eagle which he has memorized with a hand-written map. Galvin has the help of 36 technicians who are controlling and watching all the camera angles.

The very first instant replay was in 1963 at the Army Navy game. In the 4th quarter Army was on the one yard line. The quarterback flipped over the line and made the score and this was the very first instant replay. Ironically the tape of that historic moment no longer exists. The TV viewers who saw that first instant replay thought that Army may have scored twice. They had never seen an instant replay before.

Watch the CBS Instant Replay Story

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials 2019

One of my favorites was The NFL’s own commercial called “The 100-Year Game | SBLIII”
See 100 Year Game.

It’s just so funny and silly like a food fight in tuxedos. And it sells the idea of the fun of football. Unfortunately this commercial was much more entertaining than the game itself.

The second one “Google’s Jobs For Veterans” shows what you can do with simple close-ups of paper forms. The visuals couldn’t be any easier to produce.

It’s a powerful ad that relies on minimal visuals. As a video producer, think about how this approach could be used in a commercial or promotional video you produce. It is the script and sound track that makes this one so powerful. You can get a lot of mileage from this concept.

Want to see some more funny SuperBowl Ads? 10 Funniest Superbowl Ads from the past.

Animation and CGI Motion Course

Animation and CGI Motion Course from Columbia University

Animation and CGI Motion Course

This free online course from Columbia University shows you how to create lifelike animations focusing on the technical aspects of CGI animation and also give you a glimpse into how studios approach the art of physically-based animation. The course is rich in mathematics and science. For instance you will learn the fundamental concepts of physical simulation, including:

  1. integration of ordinary differential equations such as those needed to predict the motion of a dress in the wind.
  2. formulation of models for physical phenomena such as crumpling sheet metal and flowing water.
  3. treatment of discontinuities such as fractures and collisions.

The course is 12 weeks long starting Feb 4 and will require 8 – 10 hours a week.
For more information see this link.

There are more than 400 free Ivy League university courses you can take online in 2019.

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Music Video Made with Printed Photos

The song is called “UnAmerican” by the indie rock band Said The Whale. It is a stop motion video created entirely by hand, no digital effects. This music video made with printed photos.

First they shot a video of the band performing the song. Then they printed 2,250 frames from the video as separate photo prints at a cost of $680. Finally they photographed each photo as a stop motion video. This stop motion photography took over 80 hours. Director Johnny Jansen says they timed the entire video as an animatic before they shot anything. Time code was embedded in each photo to synch with the stop motion software.

He says “Almost everything was planned in advance to make sure it was timed properly. For the longer traveling scenes like in the backyard, we measured out the distance and divided it by the amount of frames in the shot so we knew exactly how much to move the photo each time. Pretty crazy process.” Since it was uploaded, the video has been viewed over 200,000 times on YouTube.

This technique is something you could do for a business client. Study the video without the sound so you can slow it down and see it more clearly. Could you make a music video made with printed photos? For more inspiration see <a href=””>“The Greatest Music Video Ever Made!”</a>

3D Filmmaking Without The Headset

3D Filmmaking Without the Headset

3D Filmmaking Without The Headset

The Looking Glass is the first universal desktop holographic display designed for 3D creators. The display generates 45 simultaneous views of a 3D world at 60 fps. It does not require a VR headset.

Headsets have come a long way from the Google Cardboard, but even so they are still an impediment that must be worn or held.

The company is called The Looking Glass Factory. It is headquartered in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the home of the hologram. Their factory is in Hong Kong where they are assembling the first hundred Looking Glass units right now. It will come with a library of free apps. Shipping to begin December, 2018. Prices to start at $499.

The company has created a streaming video channel designed specifically for the Looking Glass. When it is released, you can open the Vimeo app on your Looking Glass and then enjoy curated holographic content. You will be able to interact with 3D scenes without using VR/AR headgear.

To record holograms or 3D video without the headset you will need:

• A 3D creation program like Unity (version 2017.3 or higher)
• Vimeo Unity SDK (version 0.9.3 or higher)
• Looking Glass HoloPlay SDK
• A registered Vimeo account

For complete instructions on recording holograms with The Looking Glass see

See it on YouTube:

Download Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, Legal Issues

Recording from the streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, and Hulu is strictly against the rules we agreed to when we accepted their terms. But is it legal? That’s another questions altogether. To consider that we must go back some 30 years to the Betamax Case.

In 1984 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the making of individual copies of complete television shows for the purpose of time shifting is fair use and does not constitute copyright infringement. This case was called Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios. Sony manufactured the Betamax VCR which ultimately lost the VCR war to VHS. Nevertheless, the Betamax machine allowed ordinary people to record TV shows and movies off the air.

Universal Studios and the Walt Disney Company decided to sue the Sony Corporation because they said Sony was manufacturing a machine that could be used for copyright infringement of the shows that Universal and Disney broadcast over the air.

This court decision made it legal for anyone to record anything on broadcast TV for the purpose of time shifting. So now with a DVR or other device we can watch a copyrighted show when it is convenient for us, rather than be required to watch at a specific time. This applies to TV that is broadcast in a linear fashion, one after another. But on-demand programs like those on Netflix are not aired in a linear fashion. They are already time-shifted. You can watch them whenever you want. So the question is can you record it.

Since 2011 a company called PlayOn allows all of us to record any streaming media to your computer. PlayOn is technically considered a screen capture software. So this is how they stay legal.

As CEO Jeff Lawrence told Consumerist, PlayOn does not circumvent any digital rights management (DRM), nor does it access the encrypted stream. It works as a browser-based screen-capture program. To use it you have to set up and play a movie or show so that PlayOn can record it. So far the company has not been sued by any streaming company. But remember, if you record streaming material, you are definitely breaking the Terms Of Agreement you signed when you purchased the right to stream.

These same questions often arise in the video transfer business. Just last week a customer brought a number of jazz videos by famous musicians. Some were commercial tapes, others had been recorded at home with a VCR. I had no qualms about making DVDs from these VHS tapes because the customer had no way to view them and he had purchased them or acquired them legally. As I told him, it would, however, be illegal for him to sell copies of the3 DVDs I made for him.

This also applies to the commercial reel-to-reel tapes and audio cassettes I transfer to CDs for customers. The same would apply to commercial films although most people don’t want those transferred. They just want their home movies on a media they can easily view.

Female Drone Pilots

Female Drone Pilots

Female Drone Pilots

The percentage of women who are FAA-certified drone pilots in the US is less than 5%. The percentage of female drone pilots who fly recreational drones is probably much higher. To support and encourage women who fly drones two women have launched Women Who Drone ( Elena Buenrostro and Laura Chukanov set out to create a community where female drone pilots, photographers, and videographers can meet, blog and learn from each other. The group offers workshops, online lessons and other educational resources. It features some great photographs from hundreds of women. The site also has a database of female photographers and videographers whose work can be licensed through Getty Images. The group recently celebrated its first anniversary at DJI’s New York City location.

Their blog at features such posts as one about Coffee Copters which describes the movement to deliver coffee by drones inside office buildings; Another post profiles a female photographer in Stockholm who takes a drone on her travels including oceans views, but cautions she know many people “who have lost their drones to the ocean.” She says she did not know any other women who flew drones until she joined Women Who Drone. Another post explores the future of aerial entertainment including Drone Light shows See 1,000 Drones Make TIME’s New Cover.

There are a growing number of women-owned blogs and websites devoted to the art and science of drones. Another organization devoted to women and drones is

intern in video production

Internships in Video Production, Social Media and Investigative Reporting

intern in video production

By Madison Dudley Student Press Law Center.

Originally published at

The following has been edited by for timeliness and appropriateness.

October 12

The Washington Post

  • Summer Internship Program – The Washington Post offers opportunities for interns across multiple departments within the organization. Interns will be placed in all beats and work closely with reporters, visual journalists, multiplatform editors, news and digital designers, graphics reporters and developers, social media producers, and audio producers based on personal interests. 

October 15 

Freedom Forum Institute and Newseum Institute (Multiple locations)

  • Chips Quinn Scholars Program for Diversity in Journalism – The program matches qualified candidates with participating news organizations from across the country for 10- to 12-week paid internships in the summer. Selected scholars participate in an intense, one-week orientation/multimedia training workshop at the John Seigenthaler Center in Nashville, Tenn., in preparation for their internships. 

Politico (Rosslyn, Va.)

  • Editorial internship – Interns will have the opportunity to work at on our magazine, our breaking news desk, our politics desk and our Politico Pro policy teams.

The Baltimore Sun 

  • Mary J. Corey Journalism Internship – Interns will work with multiple editors in The Baltimore Sun newsroom. Depending on the candidate’s skills and interests, the internship may focus on reporting, visual journalism, or data journalism.

October 19 

Newsday Media Group (Melville, N.Y.) 

Newsday Media Group (Melville, N.Y.) 

  • Local and breaking news intern – Interns will report and write daily Long Island news stories and news features. They will also contribute to breaking news coverage. 
  • Opinion section intern –  Interns will assist editorial staff with researching and writing opinion pieces.
  • Multimedia intern – Interns will shoot videos and photos of news events and learn Newsday’s editing software system.

October 26

The Wall Street Journal (Various locations) 

  • Photography internship (New York) – Photography interns will research and commission photographs for digital and print editions of The Wall Street Journal. The majority of the work during the internship will be in daily photo editing and department production assistance.
  • Video internship (New York) – The video intern’s primary duties will include supporting the production of editorially sound and visually compelling content, as well as publishing and promotion of videos both on the WSJ platform and off-platform.
  • Design internship (New York) – The design intern will work with the graphics department and is responsible for driving innovative storytelling with design, graphics, interactives, data journalism and newsroom apps that are created for digital and print.
  • Reporting internships in the Americas (Various locations)– Interns are placed in various U.S. cities and some bureaus in Canada or Latin America. Interns are likely to be assigned to teams that cover topics including corporate news, markets, legal, U.S. news, arts and culture, real-time business news and sports. 
  • Data science newsroom internship (New York) – The data science intern will work in the newsroom. The intern will be a computational journalist who will work with the WSJ Lab, a multi-disciplinary team that supports the newsroom with experimentation and research. The intern will work on developing new approaches for storytelling and defining best practices for algorithmic accountability reporting.

October 31 

CBS News (New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles) 

  • Internship program – Interns will develop their news-gathering skills and will be responsible for finding, confirming and reporting on news stories. They will greet guests, log tapes, coordinate scripts, research stories and conduct preliminary interviews. Interns will have the opportunity to assist during shoots, select footage, perform light clerical duties and assist producers and talent.

Miami Herald 

  • Internships – We offer internships in news, business, features and sports reporting, photography/videography, copy editing, design, and multimedia. (All reporting internships presume multimedia work.)  

Reporters Committee For Freedom of the Press (Washington D.C.)

  • Spring Journalism Intern –  Interns write articles for our website, contribute to our guides on specific legal topics, and conduct research for other special projects. Interns are called on to provide significant contributions to our publications. Interns report and write on free press and media law issues for our website and guidebooks, and assist our staff and fellows in research. 

The Wall Street Journal (New York) 

  • Reporting internship covering science and healthcare –  Interns will write spot stories based on scientific and medical studies. They will work on explanatory pieces that analyze science and health angles related to breaking news and features stories that uncover trends in various fields of science and medicine, among other projects. 

November 1

Chicago Tribune 

  • Journalism Internship –  Opportunities will be considered in all newsroom departments:  metro, sports, business, graphics, copy editing, design, photo/video, entertainment, events, social media and lifestyle.

Dow Jones News Fund (Various locations) 

  • Multiplatform Editing – Interns hone their visual design, headline writing and line editing skills at one-week training sessions on college campuses before beginning internships  Interns will have the opportunity to hone their visual design, headline writing and line editing skills. Interns will help publish high-quality print and digital content on tight deadlines for some of the nation’s most respected media outlets.
  • Data Journalism Internship –  Interns attend a week of training led by journalists from Investigative Reporters and Editors. Interns will learn skills like making Freedom of Information Act requests, learning computer-assisted reporting and analyzing and cleaning data. Interns will be able to tell rich, often hidden, stories and be able to apply their refined skills e skills to issues like education, government, criminal justice and the economy.
  • Digital Media Internship – Interns learn the very latest multimedia techniques during a crash course at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. From analyzing web traffic to social media management and designing responsive websites to creating audio and video content, interns learn how to stay ahead in our rapidly evolving media ecosystem in internships around the country.
  • Business Reporting Internship –  Interns enjoy a week in New York City learning from business journalists. Interns will be educated on finance, investing, labor issues and mergers and acquisitions while interning at respected business outlets and digital news services.

High Country News (Gunnison, Colo.)

High Country News (Gunnison, Colo.)

  • Winter / Spring internship –  Interns will spend most of their time researching, interviewing, writing, and developing stories and content, for print and the website. They will report on natural resource, environmental and community issues in the 12 Western states.
  • Fellowship – Fellows will spend time researching and developing articles and content for print and online.

Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, Sacramento and Washington D.C.) 

  • Summer Data Desk Internship (Los Angeles) – The Data Desk is a team of reporters and computer programmers that works with journalists in The Los Angeles Times’ newsroom to collect, organize, analyze and present large amounts of information. Interns will be learn how to use Amazon EC2, PostgreSQL, Python (R and SQL) and Django. Interns will analyze and share data, help build maps, apps and other digital projects and assist with long and short form storytelling. 
  • Summer Design Internship (Los Angeles) – Interns will work on page design and layout for the print edition of the Los Angeles Times. The will have the opportunity to work in multiple departments including news, features, sports and business.
  • Summer Digital Engagement Internship (Los Angeles) – Interns will work with the audience engagement, digital editing and production departments on varying projects and tasks. 
  • Summer Reporting Internship (Lost Angeles and Sacramento) – Reporting interns will cover Metro/Local, Foreign/National, Sports, Business, Home, Image, Travel, Food, Mind & Body, Arts & Entertainment, Editorial Pages and do some work with our our Sacramento bureau. They will have the opportunity to pitch and produce their own stories and content. 
  • Summer Reporting Internship (Washington D.C.) – Interns will work with the Los Angeles Times Washington D.C. bureau and report on the U.S. House and Senate. With special focus on the California delegation. Interns will have the opportunity to pitch and produce their own stories and content. 
  • Summer Visual Journalism Internship (Los Angeles) – Interns will work with both the photography and video teams to take, develop and edit photos and videos. Applicants should have their own equipment. 
  • Summer Visualization and Data Internship (Los Angeles) – Visualization and Data department concentrates on breaking news, front-end development of the Lost Angeles Times website and print graphics. The Data Desk concentrates on database research and upkeep, back-end development of the website and project development. Interns will assist in both these departments on tasks and projects. 

The Star Tribune (Minneapolis) 

  • Business Reporting Internship – Report on Minnesota business and trends. Pitch stories and create content for the online and print editions. 
  • Copy Editing Internship – Interns will work on deadline to copy edit and proofread content before it is placed in the print edition or published online. 
  • Digital Design Internship – Interns will develop a visual sense for interaction and experience design and gain a thorough understanding of modern web development. Interns will learn accessible ways to present information and tell stories, and will be working in an environment in which rigorous editing for visuals and content is the norm. They will have the opportunity to collaborate with experienced staff members to develop stories and visual elements.
  • Digital Producer Internship – This producer uses reader-engagement best practices with superior social media, data-visualization and aggregating skills to optimize all content types on the suite of digital platforms. This producer works closely with digital and social media team members throughout the newsroom to maximize the reach of Star Tribune content.
  • Features Reporting Internship – Features interns will have the opportunity to pitch and develop their own ideas. They will work with veteran reporters to develop their skills. Features interns will write longer form, informational pieces and profiles on people and places around Minnesota. 
  • Metro Reporting Internship – Metro reporting interns will be given space to develop their own story ideas, while also being assigned stories. They will focus on reporting on events within the twin cities and surrounding suburbs, but primarily in Minneapolis. 
  • Photo/Video Journalist Internship – Visual interns will be placed on assignments for both still photography and for video storytelling. They will cover a wide variety of events, in news, business, sports, features, and they will be given the opportunity to create innovative content that adds a dimension beyond the daily report for the newspaper, website and mobile platforms.
  • Print Design Internship – Interns will work on deadline with experienced staff to develop and create the print edition. Interns will work on multiple projects across and gain experience designing for all sections of the paper. 
  • Sports Reporting Internship –  Sports reporting interns will have the opportunity to develop their own story ideas and work on assigned content. They will work closely with editors, photographers and other reporters to provide on stories. They will report on local and national sporting events. 

The Tampa Bay Times 

  • Internships –  Internships are offered in all departments, including news, photography, design and sales. Interns will work with staff to produce their own content and assist in larger projects and tasks within each department. 

USA Today Network (Indianapolis and Phoenix) 

  • Pulliam Journalism Fellowship –  Work in the newsroom of either the Indianapolis Star or the Arizona Republic. You will develop skills in news writing, editing and design, creating graphics and photo journalism. 

November 2

CNBC (Various locations)

  • Digital Media Internships (Englewood Cliffs, NJ) – This internship provides the opportunity to work for video production and social media for CNBC. Responsibilities include editing and producing news stories and working closely with social media editors. Interns have the ability to pitch, report, and write stories on a variety of topics, including careers, personal finance, entrepreneurship and lifestyle to target young people. Interns will be trained on DSLR camera operation, video editing techniques and editorial practices.
  • Production/Reporting Internships(Washington D.C.) – Responsibilities include working directly with CNBC reporters, anchors, producers, editors and photographers, assisting producers at live locations across Washington, DC including Capitol Hill and the White House, pitching and reporting your own stories for, collaborating on podcast production, contributing to social media efforts across all platforms and monitoring and transcribing live events. 

Dallas Morning News (Various locations) 

  • Reporting Internships (Dallas and Washington D.C.)   The Dallas Morning News offers reporting internships in local news, business news, features, editorial and sports. Internships are also available at our Washington, D.C., bureau and at our Spanish-language publication, Al Día. All interns will be expected to write features, take smartphone photos and video, and actively use social media in the news-gathering process. All interns will be assigned to a specific department, but some could be asked to cover a narrowly focused beat — at the forefront of experiments to grow our digital audience. It is required that applicants for the Washington internship be college graduates, with previous experience covering politics or government preferred. Applicants for Al Día must be fluent in speaking and writing Spanish.
  • Editorial Writing Internship (Dallas) – The main responsibility for this intern will be writing and researching online columns expressing his or her personal point of view, as well as aggregation posts that summarize others’ opinions. The intern will learn how to use audience metrics as a way to help inform topic selection, as well as assist in selection and publication of editorial cartoons and editorial research projects.
  • Data and Interactive Design Internship (Dallas) – Digital design and data interns collaborate with reporters, editors and photographers to produce digital products on deadline to help explain and visualize breaking news and feature stories. They conceptualize and build standalone and complementary data visualizations, interactive graphics and story presentations using HTML, CSS and JavaScript/JQuery.
  • Copy Editing and Audience Engagement Internship (Dallas) – Copy editing interns edit stories on deadline for accuracy, clarity, style, spelling and grammar for the print and digital publications, as well as write headlines appropriate for each platform.
  • Photography Internship (Dallas) – Interns will be shooting, editing stills and video, working under tight deadline pressures, and utilizing social media on the job for professional purposes. Editors and other photographers will critique your visual storytelling and technique, including lighting, composition, lens work, cropping, toning and captions.

NBC (Various locations)

  • NBC 4 Internships (Universal City, Calif.) – Responsibilities include researching information, assisting with investigations and sourcing subjects for possible interviews. Interns will be expected to upload daily stories to our website and listen to viewers complaints along with producing breaking news under deadline and pitch original enterprise stories.  
  • NBC 4 Digital Journalism Internships (New York) – Responsibilities include working with veteran digital journalists to write one to two stories a day, find sources, conduct interviews, compile research, build photo galleries, edit video and assist with social media and editorial planning. Interns will edit videos, research for field crews, and are expected to write and edit news stories for broadcast, web and social media.
  • NBC News West Coast Internships (Universal City, Calif.) –  Responsibilities include assisting producers in logging interviews and pictures, fact checking, hunting down characters and experts, trolling for and clearing social media for photos and video for broadcast use, as well as sourcing and clearing mainstream photos and videos. When possible, interns are sent on assignments in the field. They could be assisting on shooting interviews, standups and/or live shots
  • NBC News and MSNBC Digital Internships (New York) – The continuously growing online presence of NBC News and NBC News Digital, which includes,,, NBC Latino, NBC BLK, social media and all of the network’s digital initiatives. Interns will be asked to work with digital data analysis, original video production, conducting research analytics and design.
  • NBC News and MSNBC Internships (Washington D.C.) – Responsibilities include researching stories and leads, preparing research materials for correspondent and producers from various sources, including editorial notes for correspondent and producers. For Meet The Press, responsibilities include assisting in maintaining extensive political research files as well as in compiling research for the show and other projects, including 1947: Meet the Press Podcast and “MTP Daily” on MSNBC. Interns will field-produce occasional shoots and/or interviews and contribute to print versions of reports posted on 

Telemundo (New York and New Jersey) 

  • Telemundo Bilingual Journalism Internship – Responsibilities include researching, assisting with investigations, developing stories, working closely with our consumer unit, making phone calls, interviewing viewers, alleged scammers and government agencies, uploading daily stories to our website, listening to viewers complaints, producing breaking news under deadline and pitch original enterprise stories. Applicants must be fluent in Spanish.

November 30

American Graphics Institute (Boston) 

ESPN (London, UK)

  • Editorial internship –This internship lasts 12 months starting in 2019. They are looking for interns with a strong sports knowledge who are creative and understand the digital world. You would help manage and contribute to ESPN’s website and mobile app entities for, ESPNFC, ESPNCricinfo and ESPN F1. Duties include writing source material, uploading content, research, photo management and blog maintenance. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer 

  • Reporter internship – Interns will write news, business, sports and/or feature stories for print and online. Interns may be assigned to the Sports, Power and Policy, News Features, Features and Entertainment, Business, or Health desks depending upon their background and interests. 
  • Photojournalism internship – Interns take news and sports photographs and will produce multimedia stories for print and online.
  • Page production internship – Interns will edit copy, write headlines and photo captions, proofread pages and articles, and contribute to the page design.
  • Audience development internship – Interns will assist with community management efforts. Interns will monitor a social media scheduled for the publication. They will organize and draft practice and training materials under the supervision of staffers. They will help identify underserved audiences and their needs, specifically in the millennial demographic for The Inquirer.
  • Videographer internship – Interns will take and edit news, sports and entertainment videos and assist in the production of multimedia presentations.

No Listed Deadline


  • “20/20” ABC News Production Internship (New York) – 20/20 is the prime time news magazine program. 20/20 brings you hard-hitting investigative reports, newsmaker interviews and compelling human interest and feature stories. Responsibilities include assisting staff with all aspects of production, booking, assisting with breaking news crashes, logging and transcribing, shoot prep, shoot assistance and edit support, ordering tapes, scanning photos and running errands, story development and research, learning to utilize internal ABC technical media search and management systems.
  • ABC News Early Morning News Production Internship (New York) – The ABC News Early Morning team produces two hours of overnight news programming on the ABC network-World News Now and America This Morning while also servicing Good Morning America production needs. Responsibilities include assisting producers with all aspects of news gathering and production, building story proposal lists, assisting with delivery of show production elements/rundowns, etc., and traveling for story shoots. Interns are encouraged to write and edit stories along with pitching and producing segments for air.
  • ABC News Investigative Unit Reporting Internship (New York) – The Investigative Unit produces investigative pieces for all of ABC News’ programming, including Good Morning America, World News Tonight with David Muir, Nightline and 20/20. In addition to on-air broadcasting, the unit also runs a popular investigative website, The Blotter on Responsibilities include supporting producers and editors in the edit rooms for day-of-air pieces, providing tape research and transcription, assisting producers with research for investigative broadcast pieces. Interns will be expected to pitch, report and write stories for The Blotter.
  • “Good Morning America” Production Internship (New York) – Responsibilities include participating in some editorial meetings and in all phases of television production, assisting in show production, assisting in live segments and assisting with general office needs.
  • NewsOne Sports Production Internship (New York) –You will be supporting both the sports and news departments at NewsOne, an affiliate news service of ABC News. For sports, you will be helping distribute stories to a local, regional and national audience along with editing news of the day, filling video and highlights, transcribing sports related interviews and press conferences and maintaining the archives. For news, you will be working primarily on video production and assisting on video requests. 
  • NewsOne Video Production Internship (New York) – You will be supporting the video production department at NewsOne, an affiliate news service of ABC News. Responsibilities include assisting with video requests, authoring advisories and alerts, interfacing with affiliates and clients, processing video requests, cutting VOSOTs and editing using Avid non-linear editing system. Interns will assist NewsOne correspondents and guests and assist production associates and associate producers on local shoots
  • “Nightline” Production Internship (New York) – The 30-minute broadcast brings viewers inside stories ranging from breaking news to feature stories. Responsibilities include assisting with daily logging elements, going on shoots and assisting with administrative duties within the office. Interns will be exposed to all aspects of story development and production and are given the opportunity to participate in editorial meetings.

Atlantic Media (New York and Washington D.C.)

  • Business fellowship – Business fellows will be trained and participate in the inner workings of Atlantic Media and how the company functions financially. Fellows will have the opportunity to work with business development and sales, communications and public relations. Fellows will gain experience with analytics, data visualization, research, marketing, and product management. 
  • Editorial fellowship – Editorial fellows will be able to contribute to the content produced by Atlantic Media. They will have the opportunity to do reporting, research, video production and copy editing. They will also work on producing branded content, blogging for Atlantic Media, multimedia editing and working with social media. 

Bloomberg (Various locations) 

  • News internship – Interns help report breaking news about financial markets, economies, technology, business and governments. Interns may also pitch and write enterprise stories, conduct interviews and collaborate with our other consumer-facing media platforms.

The Boston Globe 

  • Summer Intern Program – Interns will work in the News Department as general assignment reporters. Other intern reporters will be hired for the Sports, Living/Arts, and Business departments. There are also intern positions in the Photography department, and on the News copy desk. Interns will research and write articles along with assisting on larger projects and tasks based on the department they are placed in. 

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8K video

Cheapest Way to Shoot 8K

8K video

We’ve come a long way from the first handheld 8K video camcorder. But now Sharp has an 8K Video camcorder – The Sharp 8C-B60A. This 8K camcorder will likely be used at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This camera is $77,000.

And to view the 8K video Sharp has a new 70-inch 8K television scheduled to ship later this year. Prices in Europe range from $7,000 – $14,000.

The camera, the Sharp 8C-B60A, comes with a Super 35mm sensor that’s approximately the same size as the one on the Red Helium Weapon 8K and is capable of recording 10-bit 60 fps 8K video. Grass Valley’s HQX codec helps keep the file sizes at a manageable level but the camera comes with a custom 2TB SSD pack that was developed in collaboration with Astrodesign and can hold approximately 40 minutes of 8K video.

For about $2,000, Panasonic’s GH5 can deliver 4K 10-bit video. But it will be a few years before there’s an similarly priced 8K version. The cheapest 8K camera from RED is their EPIC-W at $29,500 body only. It can only run at 30 fps in 8K in RED’s own raw format rather that ProRes or DNxHR. The required accessories are about $40,000. But considering that smartphones today can shoot 4K, Moore’s law may give us better, cheaper chips and 8K video sooner than later.

8K Video Editing Computer And Storage

The iMac Pro can handle 8K footage using Final Cut Pro X 10.4. $6000 – $7000. Alternately, you could edit lower res proxy files of your 8K footage. You could probably build a PC that can handle 8K video for about $4000.

An hour of 8K video from a RED EPIC-W will require about 500 GBs and this assumes a 9:1 compression ratio on the raw footage. So you’d need a 2 TB hard drive for every production day.

For backup you will want to go to tape. A tape drive runs about $3600. 20 LTO-6 tapes will provide 50 TB of storage for about $500.


Moving from 1080p to 4K and now 8K, is like moving from 2 megapixels to 9 megapixels and now 33 megapixels. So a great HD lens will not look so great in 8K video. The lenses will cost more.

To buy the cheapest RED camera, a new editing computer, and storage, you’re going to spend about $45,000. But you can rent an 8K camera package for less than $2500/week from various rental houses such as,, and others. Lenses and other accessories are extra.