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What Producers and Directors Do

This excerpt from the Occupational Outlook Handbook is compiled by the US Dept. of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. The following is a summary. What the report calls “commercials, and other performing arts productions” also covers corporate video, industrials, and small business videos. Quick Facts: Producers and Directors 2018 Median Pay $71,680 per year ($34.46 […]... Keep reading >

Loss Leader: Small Sales Big Profit

I used to feel badly when a customer brought just one video to transfer. When I added the time I spent on the phone and two meetings with the customer that I was not making very much per hour. Fortunately I did not let my feelings show. For as I later learned these small sales […]... Keep reading >

To Rent or Buy

With the constant dizzying introduction of new and better cameras and video gear, owning gear can be a real challenge. The danger is that it can lose its value before you have made the final payments. Or that your income from this gear will not meet your projections. Something new and better is already out […]... Keep reading >

TV News & Documentary Archives

Did you know the Wayback Machine has a searchable TV News Archive with 1.7 million TV shows? In case you didn’t know, the Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the web. It was launched in 2001 by the Internet Archive. While exploring the TV News Archive I discovered everything from news clips, Bugs Bunny […]... Keep reading >

The Four Hour Work Week

Excerpts from the book The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss · Aim high so you can create your own reality and write your own rules. · Step outside of your comfort zone and take action now. · Try to gain the freedom of remote working within your current job. · Be effective on the job […]... Keep reading >

Getting Work as a Movie Extra

Getting Work as a Movie Extra can be fun and profitable. Some people are able make a living working as an extra. Some famous actors have started as extras.... Keep reading >

New Airline Regulations for Batteries

The airlines naturally worry about battery leakage, fire or explosion. Bad enough on land, but potentially disastrous on an airplane. Last year, the FAA said that lithium-ion batteries were sparking airplane fires once every 10 days on average. The International Air Transport Association is now instructing its 300 airline members to restrict lithium-powered smart bags. […]... Keep reading >

February 27, 2018 | Business of Video | | Comments

Google My Business For Video Producers

Google My Business is a great way for video producers to compete for the coveted local 3-pack. When you do a local search the 3 pack is the list of businesses Google shows with a map.... Keep reading >

January 30, 2018 | Business of Video | | Comments

Is Your Profile Photo Hurting or Helping?

You may have a profile photo you use for business, social or dating sites. How viewers see your profile photo is pretty important. But how do you know if your photo is being well received? Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask the opinions of hundreds of people of the gender and age range […]... Keep reading >

December 19, 2017 | Business of Video | | Comments

Christmas Transfer Crunch

I just did a brochure mailing to one of the upscale towns close to me which has in the past supplied a significant percentage of my work and the higher ticket jobs. The printer was supposed to send 1000 brochures every week or two. Instead he mailed all 5500 at once. So I have been […]... Keep reading >

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