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Which Marketing Campaign Works Best?

A new customer called yesterday to inquire about transferring her videos. And when the conversation turned to how she found me, she said she saw my newspaper ad. I had not advertised in the paper in about three months. Then she said she also found me online. This kind of answer is becoming more common. […]... Keep reading >

February 11, 2020 | Transfers, video technology | | Comments

Secure File Saving

There are a lot of good options for secure file saving. These services encrypt your files in transit and during storage. One service even encrypts the files from itself. It’s called Firefox Send. They can’t reveal the files to law enforcement or any other agency. The other services keep the right to access your data […]... Keep reading >

April 2, 2019 | Transfers | | Comments

Obsolete But Working Camcorders For Transfers

Put up a sign offering video transfers and you will get lots of requests for formats you mighht not expect. When I don’t have the format a transfer customer needs, I usually ask the customer if they still have the camcorder that shot this footage. Often they do. I recently had a bunch of HDV […]... Keep reading >

February 12, 2019 | Transfers | Comments

Scanning the Original Tomb of Tutankhamun

This company operates a Renaissance-type workshop, but uses 21st century tools. They scan original ancient art objects like the original tomb of Tutankhamen. Then they print it with 3D printers. These copies are better than the originals. You can see the surface of the tomb better in the digital files than you can see with […]... Keep reading >

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