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Large LED Screens Replace Green Screens

LED screens replace green screens. The advantages of LED over chromakey are significant. The sets look real to the actors. LEDs provide most or all of the lighting. ... Keep reading >

Videos in Google Photos Breached

Google admitted it may have accidentally sent some users’ private videos to strangers after a bug impacted its Photos service. While Google says less than 0.01 percent of users were affected, the user base of Google Photos is over one billion users. So 10 million people’s videos are at risk. Here’s the email Google sent […]... Keep reading >

February 11, 2020 | Transfers, video technology | | Comments

Secure File Saving

There are a lot of good options for secure file saving. These services encrypt your files in transit and during storage. One service even encrypts the files from itself. It’s called Firefox Send. They can’t reveal the files to law enforcement or any other agency. The other services keep the right to access your data […]... Keep reading >

March 19, 2019 | video technology | | Comments

Video Captions and Transcripts Increase Site Traffic

Video captions and transcripts increase site traffic. Search engines look for text to index in videos. Closed captions and transcripts are anideal way to improve SEO of a video.... Keep reading >

February 26, 2019 | video technology | Comments

Protecting Video From Manipulation

Video from security cameras, body cams and many other sources is important evidence for law enforcement. But this once sacrosanct medium is easily manipulated. Right now you can download free software that uses machine learning to perform a convincing digital video face-swap. See... Keep reading >

Instant Replay 115 Cameras

At Sunday’s Super Bowl in Atlanta, CBS Sports has 115 cameras, including three SkyCams flying through the air, and 28 others squeezed into the pylons marking the edges of the end zones. As CBS’s Ken Aagaard said “You get these definitive shots right here on the sideline, all the way down to the 10 yard […]... Keep reading >

January 8, 2019 | video technology | Comments

Animation and CGI Motion Course from Columbia University

This free online course from Columbia University shows you how to create lifelike animations focusing on the technical aspects of CGI animation and also give you a glimpse into how studios approach the art of physically-based animation. The course is rich in mathematics and science. For instance you will learn the fundamental concepts of physical […]... Keep reading >

Download Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, Legal Issues

Recording from the streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, and Hulu is strictly against the rules we agreed to when we accepted their terms. But is it legal? That’s another questions altogether. To consider that we must go back some 30 years to the Betamax Case. In 1984 the Supreme Court of the United […]... Keep reading >

Changing Faces

Today you can download software that uses machine learning to perform a convincing digital video face-swap. The video is called a deepfake. It can stitch the eyes of one person onto the face of another person doing lip-sync karaoke. It isn’t perfect yet, but it could fool some people. Photo fakery is certainly not new. […]... Keep reading >

Music for Video Created by AI

Create unique professional music for your video. Just choose a mood and style of the music you want, Amper can create it in a few seconds. That’s the claim made by Amper Music. This new royalty-free music program uses AI to produce music that fits the style of your video and synchs to it exactly. […]... Keep reading >

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