If you’re a cord-cutter like me (with a few premium services and an antenna), you’ll love Plex Pass. With a free Plex Pass subscription, you can easily record free digital broadcast channels and enjoy your favorite high-definition TV shows, movies, news, sports, and more on any device, anywhere in the world. Plex is an incredibly robust streaming application with a vast library of thousands of movies and TV shows, as well as over 250 channels of live TV. Although Plex is entirely free to use without a subscription or payment, the content you can access may vary based on your location. Some users employ a VPN to connect to the service, enabling them to access more channels.

It’s essential to note that Plex Pass isn’t focused on premium content, such as Netflix or other subscription-based streaming services, but this doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in quality. In fact, there are some fantastic shows and movies available on the platform, making it well worth exploring.

The Plex Pass app is available on almost every device, including phones, tablets, smart TVs, and PCs. While you can use the app without creating an account, signing up allows you to pick up where you left off, even if you switch devices. Additionally, having an account gives you access to other valuable features.

Using Plex is straightforward. You simply create a free account, download the Plex app onto the device where you want to store media, add your media (including many different file types), and start streaming on all of your devices. I found the app on my Roku TV and was impressed by how easy it was to use, with plenty of choices available. I immediately headed to the Movies and TV section, where I discovered an impressive 50,000 ad-supported options. There’s also a Discover option that enables you to bring all of your streaming services into Plex. This requires a free account. Being able to access all of your streaming services so easily on all of your devices is a powerful incentive to give Plex a try. Additionally, there are categories for Web Shows, Podcasts, and Music.

Once you’ve signed up, the Plex Home Page greets you with a “Continue Watching” section that lists everything you were watching. Some services make it challenging to find this feature, but Plex’s well-designed interface makes it a pleasure to use. In contrast, other services, such as Crackle, are less helpful when it comes to finding a series you were watching.

The Premium Version of Plex costs $5/month, $40/year, or $120 for a lifetime subscription. One of the most significant benefits of the premium version is access to a live TV DVR, which enables you to record any of the stations available on your Plex server if you have an antenna. My next step will be to use Plex and load some of my favorite videos onto an external drive or cloud. This would be an excellent way to share videos with others since you can give other accounts access to your external media drive (provided it’s turned on, of course). You can also store your photos and music on the same external media drive. To learn more go to Plex Pass.