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September 11, 2017 | computer, Uncategorized | Comments

Free Data Recovery for Harvey and Irma Hurricane Victims

DriverSavers is offering free data recovery service for victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma who have water damaged devices resulting from the flooding. Because exposure to water and air cause corrosion on electronic circuitry, they have set deadlines for these devices: September 15th for Harvey devices and September 30th for Irma devices. There is […]... Keep reading >

Windows 10 and Video Producers

Windows 10 may be inevitable, but for video producers you may want to wait a while.... Keep reading >

A Free ScreenCast Program To Avoid For Now

Screencast, screen recording software options.... Keep reading >

September 17, 2013 | computer, Mac, Windows | | Comments

Upgrading Video Card Drivers

Keeping your video card driver up to date will ensure you can enjoy the latest features, or help reduce compatibility problems with other new computer software or operating system changes. Step by step instructions.... Keep reading >

The Difficulty of Editing AVCHD and What to Do About It

AVCHD is an acronym for Advanced Video Coding High Definition. It's a file format for recording and playback of HD video. It is typically stored on flash memory card or hard drives. It is great for recording footage from the camera, but it can be a challenge for editing.... Keep reading >

Compare Video Editing Software

Choose the right video editing software... Keep reading >

Hard Drive Failure For Video Editors

Hard Drives for Video Editing - what you must know.... Keep reading >

April 7, 2009 | computer, Post Production | Comments

Free Demo Software

Free software demos for video editing and production.... Keep reading >

January 13, 2010 | computer, Post Production | Comments

Need Better, Cheaper Storage Solution for Video?

Cloud storage on Amazon's S3.... Keep reading >

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