Center Cam

The normal eye line of subjects in web conferences and Zoom meetings is above the screen because the web cam is at the top of the screen. So the subject must look up at the web cam rather than directly at the audience at the center of the screen which is the ideal eye line. Until now there were no web cams placed in the center of the screen. Center Cam is a new middle-screen webcam which allows you to see the person you are talking to while you are talking to them. This is also ideal for reading a teleprompter. The Center Cam is smaller than a dime so very little of the camera blocks the screen. While the camera is 1080p HD, many video-conference Apps like Zoom switch the webcam to 720p when using the free version of Zoom or when using a slow WiFi.

Center Cam has an optional light ring which is rechargeable and offers three power settings. It last 3 to 4 hours and has a color temperature of 5k to 6.5k Kelvin. The light ring allows you to plug it into the micro-USB charging port while using it if the light battery is low. The clip opens to 1/2 inch, so it fits better on laptops and thin displays. It is intended only to light the face so you may want additional lighting for your background.

A microphone is included with Center Cam, but it has limitations so you may be better off using the laptop’s built in mic or an external USB mic.

Center Cam Specs:

1920 x 1080p HD Camera
30 fps
Supports Windows, Android, Linux and MAC
CMOS sensor
f 2.1, 6mm lens
USB 2.0 Interface (compatible with Mac USB C)
Auto white balance
55 degree aspect
4 feet USB cable plus 1 foot of flextube
Optional light ring.

Center Cam started as a crowd-funded Indiegogo project, but it quickly raised its funding goal and is now shipping. The deluxe package including the light and a case is $135. Or the basic package is $115. I just bought one and will report back ASAP. Here’s the link.