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Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 – Wow!

Adds Multicam And Other Pro Features. New FCP 7 FCP X Conversion App Available

A lot of FCP 7 editors were unhappy with Apple's decision to bring out a new FCP that did not support projects edited on earlier versions. And that was just the beginning of the complaints. See Final Cut Pro X ”“ Conan O"Brian’s Editors Give Opinion... Keep reading >

Final Cut Pro X – Conan’s Editors Give Opinion

What happened to the Conan Final Cut Pro video from YouTube? It was pulled for "copyright claims," but I'll bet there is more to the story than that! Any information would be very appreciated. We found another copy and posted it above. Conan's editors aren't too impressed with FCP X. Final Cut Pro 7 will not be upgraded. This $1000 editing program was used to edit feature films like “The Social Network,” and ... Keep reading >

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