Here’s my checklist for the ideal video business.

Why not take a couple minutes to read through this;

see what you’re doing right and see what you might

be able to add to your business to make it even


1. You Provide Top Customer Service.

You let your customers know that they’re the reason

you’re in business. You appreciate them; you go the

extra mile to keep them happy and satisfied.

2. You’re Constantly Promoting Your Business.

Even when business is good, you get the word out

about your video services and products. Regardless

of whether it’s word-of-mouth, networking at civic

or business affairs, placing news releases about

your business and your projects, running classified

or display ads in your local publications, you’re

constantly putting your name in front of your

client prospects. ‘Share of Mind = Share of Market!’

3. You’re In Touch With New Developments.

You stay informed as to the latest trends in digital

equipment and technology, with an eye to utilizing

those gadgets and programs that will make your

productions go faster and easier. You also keep

up with the latest news so you can advise your

clients about new ways they can utilize your

services to promote their own businesses.

4. You Maintain Your Equipment.

Nothing says ‘schlock’ faster than duct-taped

battery cubes, cardboard boxes serving for camera

cases and bungee cords holding your tripod legs

together. During your rare downtimes, you take

the time to cleanup, adjust, tune up and keep

your equipment and work areas in good order.

5. You Take Care Of Business.

Half the battle is winning clients and producing

your work; the other half is keeping the

administrative ship afloat. You have the systems

in place to keep up with your business. Invoices

go out on time; bills get paid on time.

6. You Love Your Work.

It’s often said that if you love your work, the

money will follow. There’s nothing better than

to work with an enthusiastic video professional,

one who obviously enjoys what he or she is doing.

You’ll get more done with a better attitude AND

you’ll win more client loyalty because of it.

7. You Rely On Multiple Income Streams.

Do you shoot and edit? You should also offer

duplication services. And while we’re at it,

are you also transferring other media -tapes,

photos, film, slides -to DVD and CD for your

clients? Putting all your eggs in one basket is

risky business these days. Think of ALL the

services you can offer your clients…and start

letting them know everything you can do.

8. You Turn A Good Profit.

Your pricing is fair. You’re not ripping people

off and you’re not undercutting your own lifestyle

by undercharging. You’re making enough money to

maintain yourself AND you’re putting something

away to invest in your future.

9. You Keep Learning.

The day we think we know it all is the day we

should all pack it in. You’re always on the lookout

for ways to improve your production skills, your

business acumen and your marketing efforts.

10. You Remain In Business.

This is the MOST important goal. And it’s

sometimes a very tough one to attain.

Businesses come and go for a variety of

reasons; but you plan ahead, taking both

the good times AND the bad into consideration,

and keep your eyes open for the opportunities

that come your way.


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