September 10th 2010

One Sales Call A Day

How’s business? I know. Well, today it’s time to do something about that. Before you do anything else I want you to make just one sales call by email or phone. Seriously, do it right now. Come back to this email when you’ve done it.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? What if you did that every day without fail. Before you have your first coffee or open your mail or shower or whatever. I walk a brisk mile every morning before coffee or shower. I don’t allow it to be a question. Should I walk this morning? It’s cold and rainy. If I allowed the question, I’d find lots of reasons not to walk. So I just take the decision off the table.

What if you did the same with a sales call by phone or email. You’d get into the habit of doing it everyday. You’d make more sales and more money. Make sales a seamless extension of every aspect of your life, and you’ll see opportunities everywhere.

Special Interest Video Business

Ready to expand your video business? Special Interest Videos are one of the most popular genres of DVDs. When you view the bestsellers in this genre, you’ll receive quite an education. You will see video titles that YOU could have produced and still can. Interested? See my book and DVD below for more information.

Produce Special Interest Videos. This is one of those smart businesses that lets you multiply your efforts. But you can’t just produce videos like everyone else. We’ll show you how to find a niche that others have ignored. This one strategic move will make your business much more profitable. And please, no more $19.95 DVDs. Choose the right niche and you can sell them for several times that price. Some even sell for thousands of dollars! Learn how to do the same.

Secrets of Producing & Selling Successful Videos

Don’t Talk Yourself Out of a Sale

When a client asks you to “tell me about yourself,” don’t. Sales is about them, not you. They want to be the center of attention, even though they asked about you. You may see this as an invitation to rattle off all those key points you’ve rehearsed, all those selling points or the “elevator speech” you’ve tweaked and improved with each sales pitch. Better to invite them to talk.

Of course you can’t refuse to tell them what they asked for, but you can quickly turn the conversation back to them. And once they start talking about themselves, you have opportunities to weave your story lines into theirs.

When you’re selling a complex service like video production, you need to actively engage the client in a dialogue about their situation or business. Then you can start to explain how videos have helped others in a similar situation or business. This dialogue between the two of you can become a powerful demonstration of how you might work together.

Instead of focusing on your story, focus on the customer’s story. To learn more about this technique of selling video services, see our course.

Professional Video Producer Home Study course shows the right way to start and build a lucrative and creative business producing business videos for corporations, small businesses and non-profits.. Many of these videos are like long-form commercials.