How To Use Exercise DVDs to Lose Weight and Have Fun

Time to get in shape? Exercise DVDs can be very helpful, but there are thousands to choose from. One of the keys to a successful exercise program is how often you do it. So finding an exercise DVD you really like will help you use it.

To choose a good one, think about your goals such as to lose weight, build muscle, increase flexibility or maybe just to unwind or de-stress. Next consider your fitness level, what intensity can you handle/ Are you a beginning.

Remember – if you like it, you’ll do it. What kinds of exercises have you enjoyed in the past – dancing, walking, yoga, kick boxing, basketball, hula hoop? Do you have the right kind of room and floor? Some exercise DVDs require bare floors or more space. How much time do you have to spare? Some DVD programs can be scaled down to fit into 15 minute segments or so.

Search Amazon for the exercise DVDS, Make list of those that sound promising. Check your library. Most have good collections of fitness videos. You can also check Netflix and if you are set up for streaming, you can watch them whenever you want. Read reviews of exercise videos. Both Amazon and Netflix carry reviews as well as customer feedback.

When you’ve chosen an exercise title or two, try to preview it on the Internet, Amazon, Netflix or

Schedule your exercise classes as if you were going to a physical exercise class. You can schedule several difference classes a week. This will keep it fun and interesting. If the routine gets boring, change it or ads new titles. Keep it fun and you will achieve your fitness goals.

Find others who use exercise videos and trade with them. Always ask your doctor if there is any kind of exercising you should not do.

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