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American Film Institute

Amnesty International Film Festival

Ann Arbor Film Festival

Atlanta Film and Video Festival

Atlantic Film Festival

Austin Film Festival

Austin Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival

Autrans Mountain Film Festival

Berlin Film Festival

Big Sky Film Festival

Black Maria Film Festival

Boston Film Festival

Boston Jewish Film Festival

Brisbane International Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival

Carolina Film and Video Festival

Chicago International Film Festival

Chicago Underground Film Festival

Cork Film Festival

Dallas Video Festival

Dutch Film Festival

Eerie Horror Film Festival

Espoo Cine Film Festival

Exground on Screen

Festival Videoart de Locarno

Flanders International Film Festival – Ghent

Göteborg Film Festival

Gijon International Film Festival For Young People

H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival

Hamptons International Film Festival

Heartland Film Festival

Helsinki Film Festival

Houston International Worldfest

Impakt Festival

International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam

International Film Festival Rotterdam

Internationales Leipziger Festival

Israel Film Festival

Italian Film Festival

Jerusalem Fim Festival

Locarno International Film Festival

London Film Festival

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival

Mill Valley Film Festival

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival

Montreal World Film Festival

Moving Pictures – The Travelling Canadian Film Festival

Nantucket Film Festival

Newport International Film Festival

New York Film Festival

New York Underground Film Festival

Ourense Film Festival

Pan-African Film & Television Festival of Ouagadougou

Philadelphia Film Festival

Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles

Portland International Film Festival

ResFest Digital Film Festival

Riverside Film Festival

San Francisco International Film Festival

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

San Sebastian Film Festival

Seattle International Film Festival

Sedona International Film Festival

Slamdance International Film Festival

Jewish Film Festivals Worldwide

South Beach Film Festival of Miami Beach

Stockholm Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival

SXSW Film Festival

Sydney Film Festival

Tampere International Short Film Festival

Three Rivers Film Festival

Toronto Film Festival

Turin International Festival of Young Cinema

Uppsala International Short Film Festival

Vienna’s International Film Festival

Virginia Film Festiva

Wine Country Film Festival

World Festival of Animated Films

World Population Film/Video Festival

Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival

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Atomos Ninja 2 Captures Pro Res for Less than $300

Atomos Ninja 2 Captures Pro Res/DNxHR for under $300

Atomos Ninja 2 Captures Pro Res/DNxHR for under $300 First Pro-Res/DNxHR monitor-recorder under $300 The new Ninja 2 from Atomos captures Apple ProRes and AVID DNxHD recording from HDMI cameras for less than $300. The monitor-recorder allows any HD camera to record to a pro format. It avoids the internal MPEG compression. Your output goes […]

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DJI No Fly Zones

DJI Limits Where Its Drone Can Fly DJI, the most popular drone manufacturer, has programmed No Fly Zones into the software of their quadcopters. This artificial fencing has been in place since 2013, but now they are continually updating it. The database on their website already lists No Fly Zones for some 50 countries. The […]

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black betty camera

Black Betty Camera

The Black Betty Camera looks like a 16mm film camera, but it's a custom-designed housing that includes a Silicon Imaging SI-2K Mini Camera Head and an Apple Mac Mini. The camera head produces digital cinema class 2048x1152 resolution. The SI-2K Mini camera head has been as a second camera in films like Slumdog Millionare and 127 Hours.The small form Mac Mini is Apple's first computer to include an HDMI video port.

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Quadcopter Crashes on Busy Manhattan Street

I've written a lot about quadcopters, most notably Quadcopters, Cameras, and the Law. Today, some fool didn't obey the law, common sense or common decency. Monday evening a quadcopter took off from a high-rise terrace in mid-town Manhattan during evening rush hour. It flew 300 to 400 ft in the air past luxury apartment buildings as well as business buildings. 3 minutes later it crashed in the street nearly clipping a businessman.

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